Money, like sex, is thought to be taboo to talk about

So let’s talk about it.

Money, like sex, is thought to be taboo to talk about

As a result our beliefs around money and sex are taught to us the same way


I’d venture to say FEW, if any, of our parents said us down and said

“Hey Susie, being abundant is your divine right. It’s actually really, really easy to make money if you decide that it is.

Your dad and I are going to do our best to instill beliefs in you about money that make it easy and fun.

First – we want you to know that your money comes from Source/God/Universe, not from a job, that’s only one source of abundance.

Second – allow it to be easy to be make money. Do what you’re inspired to, then lean back. It will come.

Third – Money is a natural byproduct of you living in alignment. The more you are being the highest + best + fullest, most expressed version of you, the more money will come. Follow your intuition

We love you Suzie! You’re going to be rich!”

That would be AMAZING. But that’s not what happened

Instead, we indirectly absorbed a mixed bag of limiting and supportive beliefs about money

Let me know in the comments which of these ideas you heard or felt the most

  1. You have to work hard to earn your money.

  2. There is not enough to go around. Have less so others can have more.

  3. It’s very selfish to have a lot of money. And wealthy people are greedy + self-centered.

  4. You can be happy or you can be rich. Your passion won’t bring you money. You need a stable job for that.

  5. Money is the root of all evil.

Even if our role models didn’t tell us these beliefs verbatim, they were displayed to us in various scenarios

When we saw Uncle Ron waltz in with toys for us, and our parents scoffed, making comments about how he tries to “bribe us to love him with toys”


When Dad sat down at the table and exclaimed “do you know how hard I work to put food in our fridge?!”


When Mom told us, “it’s not realistic to be an artist, honey. You need benefits and a 401k. You can make art as a passion though.”


And so many other scenes

We are taught how to make sense of money by the various ways we saw people we loved, specifically those we felt attached to, handle money

And we made a meaning out of those events

EX: when Mom said “no we can’t afford that toy. We aren’t rich like the Joneses” our 7 year old brain might have given that the meaning of “we don’t have enough money & never will”


I’m not saying the meaning we made is accurate, but it’s the meaning we gave it

So we spend our whole lives believing disempowering beliefs about money

And we continue to MANIFEST situations that CONFIRM our beliefs

If we believe money is hard to make we will manifest the job where we must work so hard to earn every penny

If we believe money is the root of all evil we will manifest people into our lives who do bad things with money

I could go on and on

The universe only gives you what you’re a vibrational match for


As an adult you examine these beliefs

You begin to purposely rewrite them

You CHOOSE new empowering beliefs

And you look daily for evidence to support them

You learn the laws of the universe and how to play with them

And step into your divine right to be wealthy

Most of us aren’t taught how to do this

Unless we are presented with the opportunity

You can do this work on your own

There are dozens of books to teach you how

BUT I have sacred container for you to do this work with me

We’re heal and clean out your money vibe

Dismantling old, disempowered beliefs

Replacing them with ones of ease + flow

Teaching you to become an abundance magnet

Clearing the energetic charge around debt to release it

Tapping into overflow and joy when attracting money

And so much more

This is an 6 week long money manifesting party

And I want to invite you to be a part of it

Check out the Manifestation eCourse HERE (LINK to money course) 

You can sign up there

I’d be honored to be on your team

This is the work that took me from $883/mths to consistent multi five figure months

To manifesting an amazing partner

My dream living space


A thriving business

Peace of mind

A fun, fulfilled life of living out my purpose

And I’m sharing it all with you

Now is the time

Are you in?

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