Change the story you’re telling yourself, change what you manifest

Stop making it so damn HARD for yourself!

All the time, I see business owners making the mistake of subscribing to made up rules that hold them back

Rules about what they are “allowed” or “not allowed” to have if they have choose to have success in business

“Well I’ll need to stop dating if I want to create a six figure business, because obviously I won’t have time for anything else”

“I want to help the most people possible, so I realize I wont be able to make a lot of money”

“My work is my life. I cannot take a break or even have fun… I need to be hustling in order to accomplish this dream”

I am all about aligned hustle (aligned is the key word)
and I’m not afraid of hard work (I literally built my first membership website from the ground up… took me hundreds of hours of youtube DIY, trial, and error – LOTS of error – just to earn a few thousand dollars… over the course of two years 😓)
And there is a time and place to take focus off relationships and onto business when needed


I never inherently decide that I must suffer in order to get what I want

I believe that God/Source/Universe never puts us in a situation where a solution is not available
We are never stuck
And so, we get to have the desired results AND the fun, freedom, and love with it

In March of 2020 I had my second highest income month yet
Helped dozens of my clients
Launched + started a group program
Launched a podcast
Started working with a life/relationship coach
Upleveled my own relationship
With the help of a coach, lost inches & tightened up (I’m in my best shape in months!!)
…and still had PLENTY of time for myself

(OH – and – this was all during a global pandemic, quarantine, and an economic recession.)


Every time you tell the story that, for example, you can’t have the great relationship and be successful in business… you’re holding yourself back

The universe can only give you what you’re an energetic match for
When you tell that story, that is the ONLY result the universe can give you
That’s all you’re available for
So, you manifest a situation where your business thrives and your relationship begins to crumble
Or your relationship is doing amazing and your sales plummet


Read that twice. That whole paragraph

YOU make the rules here, boss babe. YOU. No one else!
Your business is created as easily or as difficulty as YOU say

What if you could feel fulfilled by your work AND have all the time and travel freedom?
What if you could have the 6 figure business and the relationship?
What if you could help a ton of people and make a ton of money?

What if you let go of this idea that you had to do the unaligned hustle to get what you desire?
And allowed yourself to feel inspired to your next move in business? 

Repeat after me: I can have it all.

Now go manifest that business.

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