Do you ever feel insecure about your age & being too young to do what you do?

This used to be my #1 insecurity as a coach.

When people ask me what I do, I say “I’m a Manifestation and Business Coach”

Most people don’t know what manifestation is, so they ask me to elaborate. When I have to explain it in under 10 seconds, I usually just say “I work with entrepreneurs mostly in the online space to build their business. And, I do a lot of life coaching, if you will, at the same time.”

“Ah…” is usually their response, with a puzzled look, followed by the inevitable question, “so, how long have you been in business then?”

“2 years.” I answer.

“Oh…” they say, looking more critically at me now, clearly expecting me to say much longer, “and how how old are you?”

“24.” I answer.

The thoughts bubbling up in their minds sometimes they share, and sometimes go unspoken, but their energy says it all.

“How can she possibly know about life if she is only 24? How can she know about business if you’ve only been doing it 2 years? Isn’t that a little perpostesterous?”

And I get it, I really do. If I step into their perspective I can see how it doesn’t make sense.
It doesn’t make sense for me to be 24 and be where I am in life.
It doesn’t make sense to be on track for a multiple 6 figure year with insanely high profit margins in year 2.
It doesn’t make sense to be mentoring people twice my age in how to do life right.

It doesn’t make sense. I don’t pretend it does.

To be honest, sometimes it still surprises me.

When people ask me, “how do you know this at your age?” I truly don’t know ‘how’. All I know is that I know. I just know things that take most people decades to learn.

Thats not to say there won’t be infinitely more that I get to learn here during my time on this planet – the growth never stops. Anyone who tells you “I’ve done my work, there is no other ways I can grow” is lying. Because we are infinitely expanding, changing, coming into ourselves.

I brought this question to my spiritual guides in meditation the other day out of curiosity. Lately, I’ve been getting more scrutiny than normal about my age somehow discounting my credibility as a coach. I’ve had people tell me I just “won’t understand until I have more life experience”. I’ve had people tell me I “haven’t lived enough life yet to know”

Myself included.

I shared how I was feeling frustrated. I do know, I just know things, I can’t describe how or why. But the wisdom is there.

And my guide said 5 little words that have forever changed the way I see age.

My master guide said to me, “The soul knows no age.”

It all clicked. They went on:

“You human is 24 years old. But your soul has been here so many times before. Hundreds of times. Your wisdom will always supersede your age.

Life experience will teach you more, yes, but it will teach you the next lesson on your soul path. Your soul, and everyones soul, as you know, is here to grow. And you’re all at a different point on your soul path.

Some people incarnate as young souls. They might be 50 human years old, but their soul is very young, still learning early lessons on their soul path.

Some people are old souls in young bodies. They come in with wisdom that isn’t predictable or understandable to their human friends. They are far on their soul path, but early in their human life.

Your human age means nothing about your wisdom or your knowingness of the truths about life.

Your soul knows it all.

Your body is simple a vessel for you to use while you’re on this earth plane as you learn the next lesson on your soul path.

This is why some people are able to lead those who are double, triple their human ‘age’.

Your soul has learned the lessons they are going through already.”

I sighed relief as it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

“We want to emphasize, you will continue to learn through your human life. Your souls expansion and growth will continue. You are never done. No one is. There may be humans who are younger than you in human years whose souls are older than yours. Be prepared for that.

You’re all just souls growing and evolving. It’s not a race. It’s never finished. And there is no hierarchy of anyone being better or worse than another because of their age or wisdom… some are just further on their soul path. That’s all.

And keep doing your work. We love you.”

And that was that.

All the insecurity I had felt about my age, what I do, this work that I honestly could not NOT do if I tried…

It’s my soul path. And there is nothing to prove. 

If you’ve been feeling insecure about your age & what work you do in the world.. I hope this helps you see the truth.

The soul knows no age.

I love you.



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