I’m turned on by defying the odds as a woman in business 😏💦

Something about people telling me something is impossible is real kink for me.. now I just have to go do it

It’s part of what I love most about being a woman in business  *and refusing to do it in in a masculine way* 

I love being a woman who loves money, who manages it well, who expects & sees it grow with ease

I love the look on peoples faces when they see my business success and hear that I’m 25 years old.. and it’s my 4th year running a 6 figure ++ company consecutively

I love when men try to tell me that “hustle and hard work” is the only way

I love when they say to be “logical” and not so “woo woo” to succeed in business

I get offfffff on hearing people say “you can’t be sexy and be taken seriously as a woman in business. You have to be professional”

B!tch watch 👏 me 👏 

Watch me scale a business refusing to abandon any part of myself – my voice, my pu$$y, my femininity, my softness, my fire

Watch me take everything about being a woman that YOU think holds her back from being successful – her sensitivity, her emotionality, her s£xuality, her softness, her spirituality – and turn them into brighter gold than you’ve ever seen 👑

Watch me devote to pleasure work  & OM 💦 practices as my secret sauce that makes me magnetic

Watch me channel spirit for marketing that brings in $10k+ clients 

Watch me take a week off while I bleed 🩸 to shed energetically too.. only to receive sales coming on while I do 💸

Watch me be “unprofessional” and show up not dressed, no makeup, in my s€xy silk robe on live video and have clients signing up after

Watch me NOT invest a DIME into paid marketing & grow my business through only organic marketing on social media and scale to multi 5 figure months

Watch me spend an entire day in bed love making & being lazy and receive sales coming in 🥰💦

Watch me be compassionate, empathetic, loving, and soft and serve my clients even more because of it – because they feel held & seen & supported 👏

Watch me break every rule that YOU think holds women in business in a mans world


And you’ll see why every single day it’s my mission to change that world into one where women seen, know & utilize the incredible power of their feminine energy.

And how absolutely perfect they already are to be wildly successful in business. 👏👑

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