You are an “AND” woman

And now, in true Bri fashion, let’s say the things online were not “supposed to” say (but what’s totally and completely the truth)

You’re allowed to have multiple orgasms AND make lots of money

You’re allowed to help thousands, millions of people AND be in overflow with your dollars

You’re allowed to be hurting & healing in other areas of your life AND still have a thriving business

You’re allowed to be wildly wealthy AND wildly spiritual

You’re allowed to be super freaking intelligent AND fun & down to earth

You’re allowed to lean back, play, take time off AND still have your highest month in business yet

You’re allowed to be hurting, healing, struggling some days AND lead yourself through it with love and compassion

You’re allowed to make mistakes & mess it up AND forgive yourself, and heal it

You’re allowed to cry your eyes out one morning AND helping your clients thrive the next

You’re allowed to have fears & doubts AND still make the moves & take the action anyway

You’re allowed to be struggling in some areas of your life AND still holding the vibe of the life you desire

You’re allowed to be a powerful ass woman AND be feminine, embodied & playful

You’re allowed to have a pleasure-filled, fulfilling sex life AND run a multiply 6 figure, 7 figure business

You’re allowed to have degrees and amazing credentials AND be a wild woman in life & business

You’re allowed to have a hot body you adore AND be connected & tuned into God Source energy

You’re allowed to have bad days AND still enjoy the good ones

You do not have to choose

You are an “AND” woman
You get to have it all

The fulfillment
The business
The healing
The hurt
The struggles
The fears
The impact
The income
The pleasure
The love
The freedom
The fun

You do not have to compromise

Choose to have it all
Choose to be it all
Choose not to abandon any part of yourself, but hold them all with so much love

You are a vessel, woman
You are the oracle

Be all of who you are

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