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That’s why you’re here

Let me show you how you can have everything you’ve ever wanted by opening yourself up to the powers of manifestation.

Want to feel lit up by life? Excited?


There’s a way for you to feel this extraordinary every day.

You want magic in your everyday life. You want pleasure beyond belief. You want ease, fun and peace. You want the time and freedom to do the things you love without having to worry about paying next month’s rent.

You want to feel your best. You want to love and feel loved. And you don’t want to wait any longer.

You have what it takes to live a life of abundance.

In body, mind, money and spirit.

You’re about to discover unmatched power you’ve had all along to manifest anything you want. Your new life starts today.

welcome to

Building Bri!

A place where women learn to step into their power of manifestation to create a love filled, beautiful, joyous and rich (both literally and figuratively!) life.

Hi, I'm Bri

In my work, I focus on the four major Sticking Points (and help you to unstick them!).

Mind. Money. Business. Soul.

I mean really that’s what everyone wants right? Great health, fulfilling happiness, deep love and financial freedom.

So that’s what we harness here at Building Bri to give you a solid and complete foundation to build the life you’ve always dreamed of. Even in the ebbs and flows of life, you can come back to this foundation and feel the ease and peace it brings.

You feel like you must be missing something, ‘cause life has been sucky lately.

Can you imagine:
  • Waking up every day feel deeply connection to your body and spirit?
  • Finding fulfilling joy in your work?
  • Never having to worry about paying bills again?
  • Loving and feeling loved in your relationships every day?

You have the power to make it happen.

Let me show you how.

So HOW exactly can

I help you

I’ve helped hundreds of women to clear their negativity, smash down their mental blocks and free themselves from the shackles of thinking small.

Whether you’re looking to clean up your negative and strained money mindset, create deeper impact & intimacy in your life, or manifest the business of your dreams, I’m here to help.

There are two different areas where you can work with me...

1:1 Coaching with Complete Transformation Programs

A deep dive into the world of becoming a master manifestor in your life, with overflowing love, fulfillment, and abundance

A program designed for women who feel stuck in their businesses and want to kick some big financial goals (and make an even bigger impact!)

Other programs

Aligned, Abundant and In Love

This course teaches you the entire process of manifestation, how to magnetize exactly what you want to you, to become a clear channel to receive all the love and money that this universe wants to give you... to step into your feminine power and confidence, and bring that into your relationship, to attract in your ideal love.... and live happily ever richer.

Manifestation Membership

This is an ongoing monthly membership program that connects you to resources, exclusive video trainings, meditations, and everything else you need to hit the ground runnin’ becoming a master manifestor.

Live group programs

We launch several group programs a year for interactive, immersive transformations and live support. These are usually done through live videos, group zoom calls, and support in a facebook group for all your Q&A. This is as close as it gets to working with Bri 1:1 without going all in!

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To my authentic self. The person I was born to be. The life I was meant to live. The work I needed to do. I am finally doing it.




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