You want more

That’s why you’re here

Let me show you how you can start & scale your business through walking your soul path, activating your wealth codes, working with Spirit and embracing your feminine energy.

You desire more.

Freedom. Pleasure. Impact. Income.

and you're in the right place.

You desire magic in your everyday life. You desire pleasure beyond belief. You desire ease, fun and peace. You want the time and freedom to do the things you love while.

And you don’t want to wait any longer.

You have everything you need inside of you to live a life of abundance, scale your soul-led business, dance with Spirit, flow with your feminine essence, and become magnet to the empowered masculine.

You’re about to discover unmatched power you’ve had all along to manifest anything you want. Your new life starts today.

welcome to

Building Bri!

A place where women learn to step into their empowered feminine magic to manifest a love-filled, spirit-led, wealthy, beautiful, joyous and rich (both literally and figuratively!) life.

Hi, I'm Bri

Psychic business and life coach

Feminine energy mentor

Wealth code activator

Medium for Spirit


And what I know for sure...

is that you are the Oracle to all your questions

You are the walking embodiment of your brand

And you hold the keys to manifest the next level of your life and business


And I’m here to help you remember that.

You know you're meant to do big things in this world and lead your revolution.

Can you imagine:
  • Feeling wildly turned on by life and wide open to receive your desires?
  • Waking up every day feel deeply connection to your oracle, your body, and to Spirit?
  • Feeling so on path in your purpose work
  • Living in deep abundance and peace, knowing more is always available
  • Loving and feeling loved in your relationships every day?

You have always had the power to make it happen.

Let me show you how.

So HOW exactly can

I help you

I’ve helped hundreds of women to bust through their income glass ceilings, scale their companies, wake up to their feminine magic, deeply open to their pleasure, develop their psychic and mediumship gifts, smash down their mental blocks and free themselves from the shackles of thinking small.

Whether you’re looking to clean up your negative and strained money mindset, create deeper impact & intimacy in your life, or manifest the business of your dreams, I’m here to help.

There are two high level ways you can work with me...

High level Coaching with Complete Transformation Programs

Explore programs on scaling your Spirit and Soul-led business, psychic development, feminine energy activation, money magnetism, and healthy juicy relationships.

For the woman who is all in on building her empire and desires to be supported, held & had power spoken into her in this intimate 1:1 container.

Courses you can start today

The Activated Entrepreneur ecourse

Learn to bring Spirit into your business and open up to your psychic and mediumship abilities. Smash your next income goal by collapsing time and playing even more in the 5D. Craft your branding and your offers through your 3rd eye. Learn to channel magnetic marketing by working with spirit. Meet your spiritual guides for business and life guidance. This course is perfect for beginner entrepreneurs as well as those further in the journey.

Money Honey ecourse

Activate your abundance coding and immerse yourself into becoming a money magnet. Learn to healthily relate to money, feel safe to spend, become a wide open channel to receive, and see how deeply spiritual money truly is. Become a money manifesting queen through pleasure and personal power.

Live group programs

We launch several group programs a year for interactive, immersive transformations and live support. These are usually done through live videos, group zoom calls, and support in a facebook group for all your Q&A. This is as close as it gets to working with Bri 1:1 without going all in!

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my podcast

To my authentic self. The person I was born to be. The life I was meant to live. The work I needed to do. I am finally doing it.



Attracting healthy love starts with knowing

what’s not healthy

I created this 90 minute training on The Magnetism of Narcissists and Codependents for you, so you can recognize what narcissism looks like in a potential partner (from the charming love bombing in the beginning to manipulation, confusion & pain later), what codependent wounds might be lingering so you can heal them, and start attracting healthy, empowered masculine partners from your empowered feminine energy. 


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