Align to the result and then….

Manifestation PSA: You don’t need to know “how” it will come you. 

Learning to manifest is the zest of life

It’s what takes you from feeling totally out of control, a victim to circumstances, pushing and striving trying to “make things better”

And brings you into your power

You no longer try to figure out “how” to get things

For example – let’s say you want to run your own business

When you know how to manifest

You don’t say “how do I build a business? How do I get the skillset I need? Do I need schooling? Funds? A business plan?”

Your mind no longer spins with all these very micro questions

You learn to call in what you desire through your thoughts and energies, and trust the how is taken care of

And that’s exactly what I have done with mine

I have no business degree
I had no “business funds” to start with
I didn’t go get a millions certifications
I don’t write business plans

And yet,
I have manifested over a 6 figure business
I run it like a boss babe
I help hundred of people transform their lives – financially, emotionally, relationally, spiritually
I have surpassed all the goals I set for my biz in 2019… without a “plan” to get there

I am a manifestation queen and every single thing I might need to create what I desire is within me

And you have that same power

Most of us get stuck in the short-term, shallow, physical reality- The who, what, where, when & how.

When our power truly resides in our mental, spiritual and true being-ness

When we try to “figure it out” and “make it happen” and “go get all the education & certifications possible”

We’re thinking very surface level (and making it WAAAAY harder than it needs to be)

I’m not knocking education. Go get it girl.

All I’m saying is – you become a conduit for that information simply by aligning your energies. The answers just come to you

This universe is all knowing
And you are a piece of this universe
Therefore, you know it all as well

The universe will give ALL OF the steps to you easily & In joy when are tuned into your manifesting powers

See it in your mind
Identify your limiting beliefs + blocks
Smash through them
Embody the version of you who has what you want
Shift into gratitude any time you can
Have so much fun
CHOOSE your reality

You only have to choose to tune in
And allow the universe to arrange the rest for you

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