The time I thought I was going to be kicked out of the Louis Vuitton store

Calibrating to higher wealth vibes

The first time I walked into the Louis Vuitton store, I thought they might kick me out

I remember it vividly

This feeling of “I do not belong here. I should leave. I’m not good enough to be around these people or things”

The women working in the store were dressed elegantly, with all black high clothing & perfectly curated makeup

I looked down at my old romper (that my booty looked phenomenal in BTW) but was raggedy and worn

The beautiful bags on the wall were illuminated by recessed lighting

I couldn’t imagine myself carrying one next to my worn-in $20 shoes that on bought on sale

I met the eyes of one of the saleswomen and smiled… it was less about being friendly and more about silently asking for permission to stay here. As if to say “can I stay?”


As I type this, I still feel the sick twisting in my gut I felt in that very moment

I nearly wanted to puke

“Why did they let me in? Can’t they see I don’t belong?”


I rushed out of there trying to hide my discomfort.

At the time, I put money + wealth on such a pedestal

I saw the stunning bags, the red bottom shoes & luxury cars as a level 10

And myself as level 5

Picture: me, in the valley, staring up at a towering mountain, where alllll the beautiful homes + cashmere sweaters stayed

That’s how I felt about wealthy things. They were above me.

I felt discomfort just being around them

The irony is, I could have, even at that time, totally afforded to buy a $2k bag

But internally, I didn’t believe I was on the same level as that

I did not see myself as the kind of woman who deserved to walk around with something that high value

For so long, it had been beyond me, something I could only dream about as ‘a thing wealthy people buy’

And I still didn’t see myself as one of those wealthy people. I lived in the skeleton of the girl who was struggling to move out of her parents unfinished basement

….even when, at that time, I was already making $10k+ a month consistently. 

That’s the thing about wealth no one tells you

HAVING money doesn’t change your subconscious money blueprint

Meaning, the part of you that still feeling like you don’t belong in the high end restaurant with white linen cloth and the bread-crumb-picker-upper

She’s still there

Even at $10k mths. For some, even at $20k, $30k, $50k months. I’ve seen it happen with clients.

Even when you can totally afford to be there

She still has memories of Mom saying “we can’t afford those things. We’re not like them” and Aunt Susan saying “wealthy people are selfish and greedy. You don’t want that life”


There’s a part of you that still needs to acclimate to being financially well off

A part of you that feels guilt for even being financially well off

And wonders what it means about you

There’s a part of you that still needs to set a new standard for what’s available to you & KNOW that ITS OKAY to be wealthy – and it doesn’t mean anything about your character

(I.e. you don’t HAVE to shop on sale anymore, you CAN go out to eat, you CAN just buy something because you want it not because you need it… you’re not bad/greedy/preposterous because of it)


You ARE deserving of all the wealthy wonderful things

And so is everyone else

I will admit, it took me several months to acclimate to having an overflow of money


It’s still wobbly at times when i enter an experience that stretches me. There’s still a small part of me that remembers wondering how I would even pay my student loans… let alone drop $2k on a handbag

But as I have embraced abundance,

Seen what God/Source has brought into my life,

Realized how unlimited my (and everyone’s) supply of money really is,

I’ve become comfortable ordering the $80 steak dinner

Or buying the $1700 LV wallet for my birthday

Or paying off my dream Mercedes Benz in full

This is the work I do with my Business Manifestation clients who are ready to become wildly wealthy + insanely positively impactful

I help money get into the hands of heart-centered, empowered, badass women who are going to make this world a better place

And who also get to create a life that feels good to them – LV bag & white linen restaurant included

And guess what? It doesn’t mean anything about them except that they are a vibrational match to wealth. And that opportunity is available to every single one of us.♥️

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