A woman in her sexual power & liberation is a woman in her power (who will trigger TF out of others)

A woman in her sexual power & liberation is a woman in her power

She cannot be controlled, manipulated or dependent

A woman in touch with her own pleasure is a woman ground into her sovereignty

She cannot be forced into anything that doesn’t turn her on

She’s often called too much. Too full of herself. Too big. 

Most of the world will try to shrink her for their own comfort. 

They can’t comprehend that a woman could be both wildly intelligent, powerful, a leader… and soft, nurturing, pure… and turned on, in her body, in touch with her  pleasure, knowing the ins & outs of her sensuality. 

That’s too much for most people. 

So they try to shrink her, out of intimidation and fear. 

So they judge her. They try to diminish her. They objectify her. They say then she must be a slut. Or desperate. Or trying too hard. 

They’ll say anything to make her more manageable for them to digest.

Because it’s just not possible in their mind that a woman could be that full – of pleasure, kindness, power, leadership, compassion, sharp edges, abundance, and Godly energy.

“Fit in this box” they say

“You can’t be ALL of those things

We can’t both respect you and see you in your se.xual liberation 

We can’t believe you can be a powerful positive change maker in the world and know how to bring your body to full body 0rgasmic bliss

We can’t see you as both pure & god source energy & see you in clothing that shows off your curves & figure

We cannot see you loving pleasure and see you being successful, serving the world, AND living in abundance

We can’t cope with that 

How do we handle a woman like that?

That’s too much.

That’s a woman who can’t be controlled. We must stop her.”

She defies the one dimensional being that woman have often been forced to deducing into being, for the ease of others.


She’s often feared. Shamed. Put down. Made to believe that it’s dirty or bad.

^ all as an effort to dilute her. To make her energy bite-size so they can digest it easily.

Her being in her fullness, in her power & sexual liberation… & successful & soft… they can’t take it all at once. 

And what do we, us powerful, liberated women, say to them?


Handle it. 

Figure it out.

I won’t be diluting.

I won’t be shrinking. 

I won’t pretend to be less. 

I won’t be quiet.

I won’t abandon any part of me.

Either open your mind or get comfortable being uncomfortable around me. 

I was not put on this earth to make you comfortable.

I’m not here to ensure that you feel unbothered  in my presence.

I’m here to be the fullest expression of what God made me.

I’m here to let God/source energy pulse inside me and to express all the gifts he gave me. 

I’m here to shatter any idea that a woman should be one dimensional.



Sexually liberated



Change making


Divine feminine



In my sovereignty

In love with my love

Find a way to cope

It’s not my job to make you comfortable

It’s my job to wake you up.

PS – This entire piece of writing was channeled  as I was in & out of self pleasure & 0rgasm. 😏

Pleasure = direct line to God.

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