Are you tapping into this power?

A MAJOR KEY to money manifestation (or any manifestation, for that matter)

Is know that you are connected to something BIGGER than just you

It’s about knowing that God/Source/Universe is on your side

It’s NOT about me, Bri Mosher, depending on only myself in this human body to create wealth

Trying to do, do, do, hustle, hustle, go, go with my limited experience and knowledge I’ve gained here on earth….

It’s me CO-CREATING with God/Source/Universe to create wealth

It’s me connecting to the power infinitely bigger, more powerful and more efficient than I am

It’s about me surrendering to being led

It’s about me letting go of what I “think” it should look like and giving it up to the higher power, and saying “your wisdom is greater than mine, show me the way”

It’s about me knowing that God/Source/Universe desires for me to have it all – the wealth, the best things in life, the love, the fun, the relationships

And anything LESS is a DISSERVICE to God/Source/Universe

It’s about me dropping me ego of thinking I can/should do it all on my own… and utilizing the help that is already a part of and available to all of us 

It’s about radical trust in intuition, or what I call “God/Source/Universe speaking through and to me”, and following it fiercely

THIS co-creation process
THIS trust in a higher power
THIS surrendering to God/Source/Universe

…is what has led me creating a 6 figure++ business every year the last 3 years consecutively, living out my passion of serving others and radically transforming their mindsets, teaching them how to manifest anything they desire, and living a life I love.

I was willing to be lead by a higher power, and stopped relying on my own efforts to get me there.

You are infinitely more powerful when you surrender to Source.

99% of people MISS THIS in the manifestation process, and feel stuck.

But not you anyone. Now you know.

Lean into God/Source/Universe. You’ll be delighted in the manifestation that come your way. 

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