Money made me spiritual

Tapping into your divine right to be wealthy.

Money made me spiritual

Say whaaaat? 🤯

I mean that with every fiber of my being.

Money brought me home to God/Source/Universe

A little over a year ago, I was earning under $900/mth, living in my parents basement, attempting to grow coaching business

I would post & post. Go live. Say “all the right things”

And yet no clients. No money.

I understood law of attraction but couldn’t make it work financially

Learning how to manifest money over this past year has brought me closer to God/Source/Universe than anything else in my life.

Manifesting money was my direct line to understanding how much the universe loves me

To realizing how fully and unequivocally supported you & I are in creating whatever we want in life

To truly knowing the Universe wants you and me to have every. single. thing. we desire, wealth included, majorly

As I closed out November 2019 passing 6 figures in my 1st full year of business, I felt this in my bones

That we are meant to live in luxury, in the best life has to offer, and fulfill every desire we have (whether its meeting your soulmate or that new Benz 🤪 or both)

That wealth doesn’t make you a better or worse person, it simply is. Money is not good or bad. You can have it or not. It’s up to you. 

that money is everywhere and free for everyone to use, we only have to tap into it

That we all LIVE in abundance every single day, blessed by the universe more than any of us recognize (grocery stores? Food from all over the world? Are you kidding me?!)

That money is beautiful and wonderful. Allows me to give more than ever before. To spoil people I love

And as I do, it will regenerate itself

Because my supply comes from the Universe 

And it is endless, inexhaustible, and immediately available when we desire it

I don’t just know this, but I feel in my heart and soul. You & me, and everyone else babe, is linked to a stream of prosperity that the God/Source/Universe is SO READY to give us

And as we serve the world in love & joy, or just simply desire to live well, it flows like a river. Endlessly.

I learned to let go of guilt. Shame. Worry. Fear.

Learning to manifest money brought me home to a higher power

To being one with everyone & everything

To seeing we are all equally powerful

That we are limitless

That everything you or I want is totally available to us

It gave me a greater sense of freedom & connection than I have ever known

Not because I made a lot more money (which I did)

Or that THAT was was made me feel secure (though I appreciate it)

But because for the first time in my life I truly knew there was something bigger than me, conspiring for me to have everything I want

That I am never alone, that I never have to suffer, that I never have to struggle

As I spend money I will earn more

I am so supported and so divinely wealthy that it gives me goosebumps.

Everything I desire I am worthy of

And you are too.

And if you’re ready to head into 2020 becoming a master manifestor, creating abundance, magnetizing money, owning your power & connection….

Head over to Services, and get instant access to my Money Manifestation eCourse

7 hours of content

Actionable homework

A whole new way to be with money

Are you in?


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