How I walked myself out of a limiting money belief in real time

I found myself slipping into a limiting belief around money yesterday

I want to show you how I walk myself through them when they pop up so you can do it too.

I was buying champagne to celebrate my love

Since early in our relationship, we have always shared champagne whenever either of us really knocks it out of the park

We normally buy the really yummy, and very premiumly-priced bottles

It’s one of these things that evokes a feeling of luxury and abundance in both of us

But this particular time,

I had just spent more than expected on other things in my life

And on some subconscious level all week, since those purchases, I had been telling myself I needed to “slow down” with purchasing

And “stop spending so much money”

The silly thing is, I KNOW that sort of mental chatter is teeming with scarcity and lack (and thus, makes me a vibrational match for more lack & scarcity)

AND I was totally justifying this logic in my mind, shooting down my own higher knowledge & understanding of this

My logical brain was all like, “yo I hear you Bri, I’m not trying to be in lack/scarcity mode, but like, you’ve been reaaaallllly liberal on spending. Don’t you think you should pull back? Cool it?”

And the more I listened to that voice, the tighter my chest got. The more twists I felt in my belly. The more angst I felt in my body. Those thoughts made me feel contracted & limited

And it wasn’t until I IDENTIFIED that I was feeling those things that I was able to tap into my higher knowledge and wisdom

And realize I was caught in a limiting belief

One that I have killed many times, and yet, still do work on when it sneaks in

(that’s how limiting beliefs work by the way – they die slowly, they hang on, they grasp for life… or as I say to my clients “limiting beliefs have 9 lives. Be prepared to take them down again and again until it REALLY clicks that that belief is BS.”)

So anyways, once I caught myself I got curious. This is step two in destroying limiting beliefs

If I’m in a scarcity mindset sneak attack right now, then this belief that I “need to cool it on spending” is complete BS

So, what could be true instead?

I know abundance is the one & only reality

I know I have access to a never ending steam of prosperity

I know that I am the creator of my life & my finances

I know that there is no such thing as shortage or lack, only being tapped OUT of the natural flow of abundance

And then boom. It hit me.

I don’t need to decrease my spending. I need to INCREASE my capacity for wealth

I don’t need to spend less, I desire to earn more

I don’t need to cut back on purchasing, I desire to create a reality in finances where I feel free and easy to purchase whatever I want

It’s not about hoarding and saving, it’s about feeling supported by the ever-flowing access to prosperity that I have

I need to tap INTO earning more and being in overflow, and tap OUT of scarcity and tightness

I felt an immediate weight off my shoulders

Scarcity mindset had hijacked my brain and made me believe I needed to spend less,

But when I tapped into my natural abundance mindset

I found that the truth was, it was time increase my earning

So I could enjoy all life had to offer me comfortably

The fancy champagne included

PHEW. That was one big shift.

And step 3, I asked myself “okay, so what would feel really f*cking good right now to create? What service could I give? What would be super duper fun to offer? What would light me up with joy to create/do?

BTW, this is always how I do business. It’s not “what does the market want?” Or “where is the most opportunity?”

It’s actually “what would be so fun to create?” And “what would serve the world most right now?” And “how can I be of service?”

This is being a heart-centered, soulful entrepreneur

Then I spent my drive home day dreaming and feeling into a bunch of ideas

And landed on calling in ONE TO TWO, no more than that, 1:1 clients

And more than 2 to me brought up the feeling of contraction – and that’s because right now, a big priority in my life is my relationship. So I never want to feel out of balance with that

BTW this is one of the things that STOP the flow of clients/business/income for coaches

They “say” they desire clients, but there’s an energetic block. They are afraid to give up their time and energy towards it. So they energetically repel clients. I see it alllllll the time. That’s why it’s so important to be REAL with yourself about what’s important to you in your life. Then you can give your absolute best to clients, and never feel overwhelmed. Only excited to work with them.

And just like that – in about 30 minutes – I’d walked myself out of scarcity and into abundance

AND within 2 hours, a potential new 1:1 client popped into my inbox

Cause I’m magnetic like that 🙃

Was this helpful for you to see how I walk myself through limiting beliefs and flawed disempowered thinking?

Let me know in the comments!


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