Is comparison-itis from other boss babes getting your down?

I used to watch super successful women online, and instead of feeling inspired, I’d feel disappointed in myself

How to redirect to your own power

Part of this was my own insecurities at the time, always feeling like I wasn’t good enough

And part of it was the unrealistic picture that was being painted

It seemed like everyone just woke up happy, healthy and thriving

Build an amazing business overnight, easily

Never had bad days

And radiated confidence and wealth constantly

I thought “what’s wrong with me? Why am I not getting it as fast? It’s so easy for them”

Now, being on the other side of this thought, a year later, having built a successful 6 figure business helping women thrive, I can say with certainty:

I do not just wake up happy and thriving, I have trained my mind, daily, to feel good. I put in A LOT of self care mentally.

My business took a full year of “beehive-kicking” moments to grow.

Take this from me: the faster you want your business to grow, the faster YOU have to grow. Your ability to grow is contingent on your willingness to get uncomfortable and do the unsexy inner work

I have had bad moments. Lots of them. Moments I wanted to quit, moments I doubted myself, moments no one (including me) believed in me. And yet here I am – still manifesting the business I desire. You can have bad moments, and still create a super successful, fulfilling, prosperous life.

Radiating confidence and wealth is, again, something I’ve TRAINED my mind into… and I’m not perfect. I still train my money mindset. Daily. Cleaning up scarcity beliefs. Choosing to feel worthy.

This is the sh*t most wont talk about in business
Yes it gets to be easy
If you put in the unsexy work


You do not have to be perfect

You can have rough moments, moody period weeks, sometimes feel lost…

And still manifest what you desire

Perfection is not required. Dedication is.


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