Hitting $25k month while leaving my abusive partner

That time I went through a breakup from a narcissistically abusive partner and simultaneously had a $25k cash month (my biggest ever at the time)

And then went on to generate over $111k (😏) in 6 months time

hitting $25k month while leaving my abusive partner

It didn’t look how I ever pictured experiencing my biggest month at the time would look

It was messy, complicated, and full of alchemizing doubts & fears

I’d wake up with a heavy chest, still living under the same roof as him. I’d sit at my alter and spirit and cry. I’d ask them to please help me release these parts of me that are holding pain

Over and over they’d remind me “this pain and shedding is FOR you. We have to shed what’s out of alignment to rise. 

And this pain is keeping you in denser, more 3D energy. We have to feel it to release to rise.”

So I’d feel. 

> This is when I learned the power of cracking open to pain instead of avoiding it

> This is when I began deeply honoring my body FIRST in business before I made moves

Id hold myself through the trauma releasing, I’d somatically release, I’d crack open

Then I’d put on my boss lady mode and coach the fck out of my clients

Who by the way, many went on that month to experience their first $10k & $20k months yet

Feeling so deeply & coming home to my body led me to just say “fck it” 🔥

And I found the real firey, relentless, powerful side of myself

The one who would not stand to be mistreated or abused

The one who would refused to self abandon

The one who was sick of watering down & swallowing her truth to ‘stay safe’ both in that relationship and in business

And I started unapologetically speaking and standing

Even reading those posts now that I wrote back then I can FEEL myself 

> and THATS a huge part of why sales grew so quickly. People could FEEL me

They were like “oh THERE she is! Yes. I want more of THAT energy. And NOW I can see & FEEL the truth in her.”

People buy because they feel you.

But it’s on us to go first and LET people feel us. 

And it’s an internal job first and foremost to decide to let YOU feel YOU and stop hiding from YOURSELF


It’s about fully fcking owning your power
Your words
Your fire
What you stand for
And screaming it from the rooftops in your marketing

People cannot feel you when you’re hiding. 😶

Payment by payment,
Sales poured in
Whilst everyday started with an internal energetic shed

Excruciating twists of reality untwisting

The undoing work was the hardest of my life. And showed me how incredibly powerful, and unstoppable, I am.

I could literally feel my power growing inside myself

And the momentum continued for months – a new level of personal power had been revealed through my personal life evolution which translated to how I showed up in business

Refusing to water down
A woman on fire for truth 
Owning my voice
Believing in myself more than ever
Trusting my gut over someone else’s words
Leading MYSELF, not being led by another

My fierceness was born

I was so lit up and inspired that I planned & hosted (with the help of my amazing team member @tricia) a 3 day coaching retreat in the mountains with a private chef in a giant luxury home.

It was raved about for months for the transformation the clients who came experienced (and still is!)

I also moved across the country to Nashville during this time by myself, simply because my soul called me to. And my soul was right. 

I forever grateful to know – and this gets to be a permission slip for you too –

🔥 you do not have to feel your best everyday in order to attract sales

🔥 you do not have to be ‘high vibe’ to receive more money than you ever have

🔥 you do not have to have a perfect life BTS to be a powerful fcking leader 

🔥 you can be going through the sh!t and still have your biggest month ever

Souls aligned are attracted to leaders who have been through it and led themselves to the other side 

And you magnetism is LIT UP more and more by TRUTH & LOVE

^ what would change for you if you committed to moving closer to truth and love?

🖤 where are you swallowing your truth or watering down?
🖤 where are you not being in your full expression?
🖤 where are you tolerating less than you deserve & desire in your life & relationships?
🖤 if you were really going to go all out & play at level 10 fierceness unapologetically – what would you be doing, saying, speaking about? 

Your biggest month yet is still available to you NOW. 

It doesn’t matter what day of the month it is 
It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your personal life
It doesn’t matter if you’ve failed before 


It gets 👏 to 👏 be 👏 YOURS. 




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