What if I said you could have everything

you ever wanted?

A life of "and"

The thriving business, the loving relationship, the feel-good body, the growing wealth, the fun AND the freedom...

Not "either/or"

but "and"

If someone asked you which area of your life deeply desire to improve, what would you say?

Health and wellbeing? Money? Business? Relationships? Happiness? 

You want all of it don’t you? And fair enough. It’s exactly what...

you deserve. 

Most of us stay exactly in the same space. Wanting. Never quite knowing how to get what we want.

Do you want to stay where you are?

Here’s what my programs will do

do for you...


Give you the tools you need to learn deep manifestation techniques


Save you time & effort searching endlessly in the Google minefield of manifestation masqueraders 


Save you money on the dozens of self-help books you buy every year looking for answers


Give you precise, actionable tips for getting the life you want


Provide hours of quality training videos, homework, resources and downloadibles


Bring deep calm, peace and happiness to your life

‘Bri helped me to change my life in ways I couldn’t foresee. Things that I used to dream about and hope for are now IN my life. They are my reality. What you don’t realize before working with Bri so I will tell you as someone that is she is going to open your eyes and soul.’

Maranda , Business Manifestation Client

How we can

work together


The 1:1 Business Manifestation Program

This is a 4 month program that will lead you to your most powerful, paid and aligned self, calling in the clients and cash easier than ever before.

This program is for you - the online coach, mentor, trainer. You’re so freaking ready to uplevel your business, you know you’re damn good and you love doing what you do but you feel stuck.

In this program, you and I are teaming up to elevate you to your next level in business, where you fully step into and own what you’re damn good at, bringing that energy to your marketing and clients.

Client in this program often end up working with me far beyond 4 mths.

You're ready to bring spirituality into your business, to activate wealth, and to create a business that flows with ease. We embrace the feminine energy in business to turn on, activate and receive.

You want to learn to channel your content, to bring spirit in, and be guided by divine intelligence.

You desire a life of luxury and wealth, feeling limitless to enjoy everything you desire.

In 4 mths, we get to everything I would have told my $883/mth self a year ago, to get to $8k, $10k, $14k, $17k months faster, easier and with way more fun. 


The 1:1 Manifestation Transformation Program

This is a program that gives you the tools to step into your full power and potential to manifest the life of your dreams. Whether you want to call in abundance, your soulmate or your next promotion, this program is designed to rip the veil off your eyes that keeps you from seeing everything that is truly available to you…. And teach you how to manifest whatever you want in life.

Most of us go through life wanting lots of things - to live in abundance and freedom, have all the time to spend however we wish, live in a beautiful home, drive the car of our dreams, to marry our soulmates, eat good food, have the most sincere friends, travel endlessly... and yet most of us never do anything about it. 

In this 3 month program, you and I will team up to demolish those energetic blocks, clear out old stories that are holding you back, and send you full speed ahead into the next level version of you. You will learn how to manifest anything you want in life.


money honey program
Live group program

Ready to change the way you experience money forever? This live group program teaches you the foundation of money manifestation, of activating wealth, and allowing abundance to flow in your life. We cover all things, multiplying your money, spending in alignment, attracting in surprise in income, and removing the icky anxiety you feel around money management. Basically, you become a money manifestation queen. 

This program is excellent for entrepreneurs who feel icky around sales, revenue & their business income, but it's open to everyone and anyone who desires to heal their money mindset and turn up their wealth magnetism.


Manifestation Queen, The Mastermind
Live Group Program

The Signature program. Activate your power, unleash your feminine energy, magnetize prosperity, embrace your spirituality and live a pleasure-filled, turned-on life. This is the most transformative, impactful program I have ever created. You’ll learn to come home to your feminien energy, to receive love and prosperity, to take off your masculine mask, and heal your disempowered feminine wounds. As a sisterhood, we deep dive why you’ve been clinging to your mascluine mask, abandoning your body and your pleasure, and watering down the abundance that is wanting to come to you. You leave this program a woman awake - connected to spirit, turned on, tapped in, with the power to manifest her life.


The activated entrepreneur
live group program

So you want to make a massive impact on this world through your business, live a life of wealth, and work with soul-aligned clients? Okay, powerhouse. We’ve got to activate. Turn on. Strip you back. Own your purpose and passion and lead from that electrified place. There is no more watering down your message or trying to “say the right things.” From here on out, we lead from soul, from spirit, and passion. This program is all about revealing and owning who you are fully, and showing up in your business that way. We turn up your magnetic field by teaching you to channel spirit, to show up stripped back and authentic, and connected to your divine power to manifest anything you desire in life.

It’s time to call your soul-aligned clients home, activate next level wealth, create the most inspired content from spirit, and build a business of purpose and passion.


Aligned, Abundant and In Love

This ecourse teaches you the entire process of manifestation, how to magnetize exactly what you want to you, to become a clear channel to receive all the love and money that this universe wants to give you... to step into your feminine power and confidence, and bring that into your relationship, to attract in your ideal love.... and live happily ever richer.

This program is not for the half-assers.


This program is for those who want and KNOW they are meant to have it all. 

The confidence, the happiness, the power, the love, the soulmate, the abundance, the ease the fun, the joy of creating your life.


Manifestation Membership

This is an ongoing monthly membership program for those of you want to get your feet wet in the manifestation world and need gentle, ongoing support.



Want to work with me one on one, but not quite ready for commitment of 4 months yet? Need to be refocused and reenergized? Feeling a bit stuck?

We can do a LOT in 90 minutes. You walk in frazzled, all in your head, questioning your direction, feeling stuck in your mindset… and walk out with a full audit on your business mindset  + strategy, aware of your energetic blocks, how to unblock them, feeling more confident than ever.

We have one 90 minute deep dive call, where we team up to:


  • take a deep dive into your energy. We both know your business flows THROUGH you - so it’s always YOUR energy we look at first. What beliefs are blocking your business flow? Where are you letting your mindset get the best of you? We clean this up ASAP and get you feeling confident and high vibe again
  • Audit your business strategy. We identify the gaps in your implementation. Creating a seamless client process, magnetic marketing, optimizing social media, making your offers irresistible, amping up your launch strategy and sales
  • And of course, make sure you leave feeling empowered and ready to conquer your biz goals


You take with you the full recorded zoom coaching call that you can watch and rewatch.


Money Manifestation eCourse

This is an eCourse to kick your money manifestation skills into high gear! Learn to magnetize abundance and attract in money with ease.

What people are saying...

To my authentic self. The person I was born to be. The life I was meant to live. The work I needed to do. I am finally doing it.

Maranda J., Manifestation Transformation Client

I began working with Bri in the Fall of 2019 for four months. I was feeling very stuck with where I was with my career, relationships and just life in general. After talking to her I took the leap to work on myself for myself. She helped support me in bringing to light things I had buried deep down. I have learned so much about myself, manifesting and making genuine connections. The thing I loved most is getting to know my true self and gaining the confidence to let myself be seen. Working with Bri I have developed a great foundation to manifest a life I desire and love.

Ashley H., Manifestation Transformation Client


What people are saying...

Bri helped me to change my life in ways I couldn’t foresee. Things that I used to dream about and hope for are now IN my life. They are my reality. What you don’t realize before working with Bri so I will tell you as someone that is she is going to open your eyes and soul.

Maranda J., Manifestation Transformation Client

This realm of manifestation and law of attraction opened my eyes to a world that I have the power to create if I throw myself into it 100000%

Katrina N., Aligned, ABundant and In Love ecourse

Bri has been the best thing to come into my life in a while! I have completely shifted my way of thinking all with her help, guidance, and love. Before working with Bri, I had anxiety about food, little confidence, toxic relationship, and poor money mindset. With Bri’s help I am confident in my own skin for the first time, I am out of a toxic relationship, and dating confidently, and I have an amazing relationship with food! I also have learned how to trust the universe and flow of money, and have started to pursue my dream career. The biggest thing I learned from Bri was to trust my gut and my intuition, and that I am worthy of anything I dream of!

Danielle C., Manifestation Transformation Client 

Work with me

is for you if…

  • You want to take control of your life and get everything you’ve ever wanted 
  • You’re tired of reading and re-reading self help books only to long for a deeper transformation
  • You know you could do it on your own, but you are craving a BFF’s support along the way, a supportive and meaningful connection to be your bestie on this journey
  • You’re willing to commit 100% to taking a deep dive into your own energy creation 
  • You've marked out time over the coming months to put in the work 
  • You will no longer settle for less than your dream life and you’re willing to work to get it 
  • You're ready to change your life

This isn’t for you if…

  • You’re looking for a quick fix 
  • You want me to solve all your problems for you
  • You’re skeptical about the powers of manifestation - it’s normal to have questions and fears, but you gotta have a little “woo-woo” in you, somewhere deep down 😉
  • You don’t have the time to commit to it right now 
  • You’re only doing it because your favourite celebrity is into manifestation
  • You're looking for an easy fix and unwilling to put in the work every day

What people are saying...

I am forever grateful for Bri and would recommend her business manifestation program to anyone looking to scale their business in a way that is aligned with them!

Sara g. Business Manifestation Client


"I hit my highest month in January 2020, with sales totaling $7,000!!!"

Before working with Bri I had my fair share of coaches/mentors. I have worked with coaches who implemented “the perfect system”, coaches “who guaranteed your investment back” and coaches who just flat out only cared about the sale. Needless to say, I was STRUGGLING in my online personal training business. I was trying everything and just praying that eventually something would work out. I kept trying and learning and implement new things and NOTHING was working.

Then, after having a discovery call with a different business coach I realized something. It wasn’t the coaches who failed me, it was my mindset. I was failing myself and my business. After hopping off that call I quickly reached out to Bri. She didn’t try to sell me on things I didn’t need, she listened to my concerns about wanting to only work 1:1 and started helping me even though it was just our discovery call. 

I remember being nervous to invest because this was something totally new to me. She didn’t pressure me, she told me to think about it and get back to her. SHE WAS THE FIRST COACH, who was not pushy what so ever. Which made my decision to work with her so freaking easy. Over the next 6 months together my life and business transformed. So much so that I honestly couldn’t believe what was happening. 

Not only did Bri help me with everything business wise, she also helped me develop irreplaceable skills to overcome limiting beliefs. Seriously, she talked to me about everything! Nothing was off limits, she was my coach in every aspect and just because I hired her to help me with manifestation with my business, didn’t mean that she was off limits for other topics.  Bri helped me with any issue that came up with my personal and work life and that is something that I am forever grateful for. 

Over our time together, I went from only promoting my 1:1 training programs to

  • offering group coaching programs,
  • a mindset intensive,
  • 1:1 nutrition programs,
  • creating e-books
  • and creating a personal community for my clients.

I hit my highest month in January 2020, with sales totaling $7,000!!!

I learned how to create a manifestation routine that worked with my crazy schedule and finally learned how to find peace surrounding my work-life balance.

I am forever grateful for Bri and would recommend her business manifestation program to anyone looking to scale their business in a way that is aligned with them!

- Sara Genovese, Owner of Confidently Strong Nutrition and Training 



There are no guarantees. What we know from previous experience is that this work works if you work it. To get the most out of this program, show up 110% and give this your all. Don’t hold back. Step into your next level of power right here right now by committing to show up FULLY for this... And you might be shocked at the person you become.