There is a woman inside of you that’s been dying 

to break free....

all you have to do is say yes!


manifestation queen

welcome, I'm Brianna

Psychic Business & Life Coach. Feminine Energy Mentor. Pleasure and Abundance Activator. Your Personal Power Revealer and Protective Shell Destroyer. If you hang around me long enough, you just might start manifesting everything your heart has desired with more ease and flow than ever before.

...and have more orgasms & fun while you're at it.

I'm so excited you are here.

There is a woman inside of you that’s been dying 

to break free....

The wild, untamed, wealthy, expressed, pleasure-led muse...

She’s been caged by the ways her mother taught her to be the sounds of

Her teachers telling her to be  a “good girl”

The tight constraints of yearning to make her past boyfriends desire her


She’s been molding herself into the version she needed to be in order to be loved and accepted by everyone for far too long

She been begging to be unfiltered, to be heard, to run wild


She’s waiting at the gates, gripping the iron gates, reaching for you

You can see the pain in her eyes

The pain of being muted and watered down for far too long

The pain of being kept caged for all these years, only to make her restless and exhausted

Worn down by the weight of others expectations of who she should be

She’s waiting at the gates, reaching out for you

Your eyes meet hers

There is a part of you that longs to set her free, that craves to see her run wild, that knows you would bask in taking her hand and running alongside her

And there’s a part of you thats terrified

That fears the unknown

That is gripped by the worry . . .

"What would my parents say? What would my partner say? Would i receive the love i crave so desperately if i set this part of myself free?"

There is a part of you that shakes with fear at the thought of losing their love and approval you’ve worked so hard to earn all of these years

Who would you be without the constraints of other expectations of you?

Who are you, unrestricted?

Who are you when you let go of following their direction?


Who are you when you lead yourself?


Your eyes remain locked on hers as she waits at the gate

She steps back

She sits down softly

She crosses her legs and places her hand under her chin

Her eyes electrocute you with intensity


You’re paralyzed in fear

As you stand there, watching her

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You see her in all her power

You can feel her radiating
truth, desire, lust

her sense of sensuality is so expansive that you can almost touch it from where you stand

The way she dresses, the way she speaks, her sultry energy, her self-assured energy, her powerful intelligence

She is everything you know is inside of you

But you’ve been too afraid to let out

Would you be too much?

Would you scare off potential partners with your intensity, your boldness, your bright energy?

Could anyone really handle you at your fullest? With your intelligence, your intuition and your turned-on energy running the show?

You fear losing the approval and the love you’ve worked so hard to earn once more

She runs her fingers through her long hair

She’s the kind of woman who doesn’t apologize for who she is, but owns it

She’s the kind of woman who creates her reality with her energy

She's the kind of woman who lives in pleasure simply because she deserve to feel good

She's the kind of women who lives in abundance because she knows it's her birthright

She’s the kind of woman whose connected to something bigger than herself, something mystical, something powerful

She’s the kind of woman that adores herself, her body, her pleasure

She’s the kind of woman that validates herself

She’s the kind of woman that magnetizes others with her ‘lay-it-all-out-on-the-table energy’

She has nothing to hide

She owns her shadow parts. She owns her light

She dims for no one

Your fear is buzzing
Stronger now than ever

Bri Mosher

Because deep down you know,

When you release this untamed, wild, turned-on, sensual, connected, spirit-led woman inside of you

You’ll love her too much

You’ll feel so much at home

You’ll finally be your most authentic self


Your higher self knows

once you taste that kind of freedom


There is no going back


Following the expectations of others will no longer be an option

You won’t be willing to water down your voice

You will refuse to dim your light

You’ll beam so brightly that you’ll blind those around you

You’ll be too wild, too free, too entranced in dancing with life

That going back to be tamed, scared, and suffocated

Simply will not be an option

As you take a tight breath

You decide


You’re no longer willing to go through life with half a heart beat


Hiding your power

Half alive

You walk towards her

She rises

You touch the cold, iron gates

Her fingertips touch yours

Her skin is warm, soft… you feel her magic like an electric impulse inside of you

Your eyes lock


As you reach toward the lock, and insert the key

You exhale

The gate is opened

With the release of your breath

The weight of a million expectations fall off your shoulders

Your chest lightens

You feel your lips curl into a smile


She pushes the gate open slowly

she reaches out for you and takes your hand

The air you're breathing is now lighter


As you walk away from the iron gates, hand in hand


You feel the universe inside yourself shifting


Not a word was said

And yet, everything has changed

The world as you know it will never be the same

Welcome to your Queendom.

Manifestation Queen

For the ambitious, driven women, ready to let her feminine energy run wild & free
Unleash her pleasure
Unravel her sensuality and sexuality
Become a magnet to the empowered masculine
Be the abundant creator and receiver of wealth

Embrace orgasmic manifestation

Link pleasure and abundance fully

Allow a new level of ease, flow and fun into her life
Live life on her own terms, her wild woman freed
Engage in healthy relationships while feeling so whole and complete within herself
Connect even more deeply to her spirituality
And manifest the life of her dreams.

This is where woman turn on to life again

Fall in love with their bodies again

Shed their ‘good girl’ skin

Allow themselves to run free


Bri Mosher

This is where woman learn to become master manifestors

To connect to their higher self

To feel and know their pure spiritual essence in this human experience

This is where woman meet the shadows parts of themselves with love and compassion

In full acceptance of who they are

They heal their hurts, they bathe in forgiveness, they reunite with their fragile scars

This is where woman step into the fullness of themselves

They allow their intelligence, intuition, boldness and sexuality to be set free

They become their most untamed, unfiltered, turned on selves

This is where women come to unlock their feminine sensuality

To fall in love with their beautiful body again

To give themselves pleasure, turn up the intimacy, and experience ecstasy again

This is a sisterhood


A place where you will, every week, feel held, understood, supported

a place to connect with and love your new sisters in this group with you

This is a place where you will will uncage the bold, beautiful, feminine manifestor inside of you

welcome to

manifestation queen

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What's inside?


Welcome to Your Queendom. Understanding Masculine and Feminine Energy


Embracing your Empowered Feminine energy. Becoming wide open to receive.


Your Body is your Oracle - awakening to her magic. Releasing Repressed Emotions & energy in your magentic field. PLUS Self Leadership in your queendom.


Polarity with Men and Manifestation - the key to drawing in your desires. PLUS Healing your relationship to the masculine.


Orgasmic Manifestation and the link between Money + Pleasure


Healing the Witch Wound & other feminine energy wounds (and Your Ancestral Divine Feminine Line)


the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life


The Way You Have Sex is the Same Way You Manifest… Plus, Bringing the feminine energy into your career/business. Honoring your divine menstruation cycle.

How does it work?

Every week, we meet for 60-90 minutes on a Zoom live video. You can ask any and all questions on the live video about each module.

During the week, you have unlimited support in our facebook group to post and ask questions, share wins, and connect with your new sisters.

This group program is 6 weeks long, with 8 live modules. You have lifetime access to the recordings. 

The group opens 9/17, and our first training will be held 9/20.

And there is even more...

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BONUS - Access to private facebook group

During the week, you have unlimited support in our facebook group to post and ask questions, share wins, and connect with this amazing group.

**Plus bonus material and trainings dropped in spontaneously**

The Manifestation Queen VIP Option

for people who want DRAMATIC changes.

This is as close as it gets to working with me 1:1 without diving into 1:1 coaching. This is VIP.

You received everything in the base level of Manifestation Queen (the group zoom calls, trainings, Facebook group) 


PLUS you receive

One 1:1 50 minute call with me

Unlimited private voxer support (voice and text messaging) with me the entire duration of the program (6 weeks)



Manifestation is the practice of aligning yourself energetically with whatever it is you desire - whether it’s linking up with your soulmate, reaching an income goal, upleveling your lifestyle to include travel and financial freedom or simply waking up happy every day. As you begin to mentally accept what you desire and match the frequency of that, you will begin to attract it into your life and thus manifest it. Creating a life you love is really very simple - manifesting anything that you want is all about energy.

Please email me through the contact form! I currently offer Manifestation Transformation, or Business Manifestation Intensive program. The program does not include 1:1 private coaching with me, only the 1:1 programs do, unless otherwise noted.

None. There are no guaranteed results. This work works if you work it.

No, you won’t find Harry Potter hocus pocus in the Law of Attraction. But some days it sure feels like it. We are all using the law of attraction daily whether we know it or not. It works like the law of gravity works - whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re attracting into your life every circumstance - body, money, relationships, and home. When you begin to deliberately use the law of attraction, that's when you can shift to intentionally calling in what you want into your life. There are no magic potions or spells here, just simply shifting your energy to call in whatever it is you desire into your life.

Because this is intellectual property, all sales are final and nonrefundable. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please email Bri personally

What past clients are saying...

The first thing I would like to say about this program is that it changed my life entirely. In this course, I found validation and acceptance around all the insecurities I have been dealing with about my body, my sex drive, my relationship, and how i approach my everyday life. Within every training, without a doubt, there was always some mind blowing realization that explained how I’ve been feeling. Bri is able to take these realizations and deal with the head on, giving us multiple strategies to overcome our insecurities. Our group became a little family. I was someone whose past trauma, that I was unwilling to deal with, left me feeling hollow and undeserving. I was so disconnected from my body that I forgot what any type of sensation felt like. My body and my soul felt like it was hibernating for an extremely long time. The skills learned in this groups allowed me to connect with my body and take back my power as a woman. I’ve never felt more myself than after taking this course. Take. This. Course. It’s worth it.

MG, Manifestation Queen Client

Manifestation Queen is the perfect way to connect with yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually. I was able to identify and move in and out of my different energies, after many years of being stuck in my masculine energy. During MQ, we manifested 2 raises, many gifts of money and my business has been booming ever since beginning the program. Bri connects with the women in the group and supports their growth and self discovery. I now have a family of women who have taken this journey with me, and it was so special to have their support as well. The zoom calls were a great perk because being able to see everyone and have their perspective made a huge impact. I can’t wait to do this program again in the future! 👑❤️ this was the cherry on top of our business coaching! It was a perfect way to see what my next steps were in my growth. I feel like a different, better human since I started working with you! It’s amazing!

Kelsey, Manifestation Queen Client

Manifestation Queen is one of those courses that makes you genuinely feel connected to the feminine body and the feminine energy. I walked into this course afraid to embrace my feminine energy in an empowered way, and spent most of my time in empowered masculine energy which essentially left me feeling burnt out, lethargic and frustrated at my partner. Fast forward two months, with the help of Bri who has been a great mentor and friend, my relationship with my partner has reached new levels. I wish this course would go on and on and on, and more and more women joined and embraced the feminine energy. I cannot wait for Bri to relaunch this so I can do it all over again! Thank you Bri for bringing together an amazing community of women. So freaking empowering!

Grace, Manifestation Queen Client

This program was freaking amazing! Bri is so insightful and explains all the concepts around manifestation and energies so clearly and uses so many examples that make it so relatable and understandable. 

My hopes for coming into the program were to become more aware of my internal dialog and where some of my energy leaks might be coming from leading to a lack of confidence and I definitely feel like I learned that and so much more!! Bri really does an amazing job creating a safe and open group that provides so many opportunities for sharing and building relationships with the other incredible women in the group.

The Zoom calls were definitely among my favourites with more connection and interaction, really having that insight provided by Bri was just so VALUABLE. 

In terms of my own wins from this program I really believe that I am much more aware of my limiting beliefs and old stories that would have historically held me back but now are just something to switch my focus from into that of faith and abundance. I also feel that learning about the masculine and feminine energies was really eye-opening not only for the purposes to understanding/observing my own behaviors but also providing insight into other’s behaviors and tendencies and helping to shed some light on it. I have continued to grow in confidence in myself and my side-hustle business – growing my client # by 2 from the start of the program as well as having the confidence to value myself enough to increase my price which honestly I did not think I would be able to do any internally easy as I did. This program has also very much help me take and maintain responsibility for my life – becoming the creator of my own life vs. just reacting to my external world/circumstances.

I would highly highly highly recommend the program to a friend and anyone who is looking to really deep dive into themselves and grow as a person!

Thank you thank you thank you!!

RACHEL, Manifestation Queen Client

This course was life changing. I felt as though Bri was the perfect leader for this course. She was empathetic, empowering and knew her shit. The knowledge she transferred to everyone in this course was mind blowing. I have never felt more in my feminine than when I was learning from the goddess herself. It's like these things that I already knew were being shown in a different light, a light so much easier to understand and utilize in my own life. This course taught me to embrace the feminine goddess/Queen in me to live my best life, in all areas, including the bedroom. Sex has never been better- all because I decided to harness my inner power. Again and again I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Manifestation Queen because it will change you life, but only if you let it!

AG, Manifestation Queen Client return, I have money flowing in like crazy! My husband and I have been having real, genuine conversations, and being playful. I have been presented with an opportunity to travel... honestly, the list goes on! But I just feel so aligned, and good, and it's been awhile since I've felt that way. Actually, I don't remember a time when it's EVER felt this way. It's all just so EASY!

TJ, Manifestation Queen Client

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There are no guarantees. What we know from previous experience is that this work works if you work it. To get the most out of this program, show up 110% and give it your all. Don’t hold back. Step into your next level of power right here right now by committing to show up FULLY for this... And you might be shocked at the person you become in 10 weeks.