What happens when you lead your business from soul and bring Spirit into it?

Freedom. Expansion. Ascension.

all you have to do is say yes!

Bri Mosher

the activated entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Brianna

Psychic Business & Life Coach. Money Code Activator. Feminine Energy Mentor. Vessel for Spirit. Breaker of molds. Power Revealer. If you hang around me long enough, you just might start manifesting everything your heart has desired with more ease and flow than ever before.

And have more orgasms, money & fun while you're at it.

I'm so excited you are here.

Turn your light on

Call your people home

You have an entire universe inside of you

When you activate, it activates.

When you move, the universe moves.

When you declare, the universe gives.

You’ve been “doing” all the right things.

You’ve been embracing the energetic work.

But something isn’t clicking.

The Activated Entrepreneur

Is 6 module transformational program for you & your business.

To activate your power. Bring Spirit in to your business. Attract your aligned clients and customers.  And ascend in impact & income.


is for the soul who is steadfast in their mission on this planet,

Who desires wealth to flow in with ease,

Who is ready to strip back and be fully themselves.

No more watering down
No more shape-shifting
No more hiding
No more efforting through it
No more pushing and forcing

This soul is ready to bring spirit into their business.

They are ready to be lit up about their purpose again.

They are ready to activate wealth over a lifetime.

They are ready to unleash their power as a leader, a business owner, and a soul inside of a human body.

They know that THEY are the vessel for their business to grow through

And they are ready to clean out, clear out and call in the impact & income


This is a way of being in your business... a way that makes you magnetic to your desires


Create your empire.

Walk your soul path.

Strip back and be seen.

Welcome spirit in.

Channel your marketing.

Love your vessel.

Ascend in wealth

Bri Mosher

Expand your impact

Magnetize your aligned clients

This is where entrepreneurs come

To Activate. Attract. Ascend.

6 modules

Lifetime access to the material

A life changing and business rocking container that may forever shift how you do business & life, now that you're working with energy beyond the veil.

Are you in?

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This is for you if your find yourself saying . . .

I have always felt a sense of spirituality, and I'm ready to even more deeply embrace it

I am drawn to and fascinated by working with & channeling Spirit

I would love to meet my Spiritual Guides and bring them into my business

I desire to work with Spirit and be a vessel for messages for myself, my clients and my community

I sometimes feel densely stuck in my "human" and I'm ready to ascend more deeply into the 5D

I want to feel absolutely on fire in my business and manifest the next level

I desire for my marketing and content to flow out of me with ease… and magnetize my  clients...

I know this work is my soul path work, but I feel like my path is bigger, bolder, somehow…

I feel all over the place with my branding and desire to channel branding that moves people so they can feel me

I dream of a reality where people just show up and pay me with ease for my work

I want to write posts, marketing, emails, etc. that move people to work with me

I’m tired of pushing and forcing it. I desire to feel lit up about my business again, turned on, inspired…

I’m ready to create an empire that with offers that are irresistible

I want to be FREE in brand to be all the parts of who I am - showing up fully and unapologetically myself

I’m ready for more

And I’m ready now”

Bri Mosher
The Activated Entreprenuer

an eCourse for Spiritual Entreprenuers, was created with you (yes, you, reading this now) in mind

Its a program that moved through me and basically busted out of my mouth

I had no intention of launching it when I did, but spirit kept telling me “This. Do this. This. This is it”

So here I am, following their guidance, because I know spirit only leads to where I can help and serve the most

And now...

I am inviting you to join us

Activate your power

Activate you purpose

Activate your soul path

Attract in wealth like never before

Attract in aligned clients with ease

Align yourself with your business

Strip back and show up fully YOU

Meet your spiritual guides

Become a vessel for spirit to give messages

Ascend in income

Ascend in personal growth

Ascend in your connection to spirit

Learn to channel magentic content and transformational offers

There’s a reason you started this business

And it is not to push, suffer and force

It’s to flow. To walk your soul path. To experience. To create freedom. To create impact.

Come with us, let me show you how.

The Activated Entrepreneur begins with instant access after purchase.

welcome to

The activated entreprenuer

How does it work?

You have access to 6 video training 60-90 minutes long, each with notes and tangible homework alongside it.

Lifetime access to the material

This program is designed to be 6 weeks long, with 6 modules, though it is self-paced so you can extend or shorten that period as you see fit.

What's inside?


activate. attract. ascend: 

Activating Your Power, Connecting to Your Soul Mission, and Ascending in Income


Invite Spirit into Your Business & Meet Your Spiritual Guides. 

Learn to become a clear vessel for Spirit to step in.


Welcoming Spirit into Your Marketing:

Learning How to Channel Content from Spirit


Crafting Your Brand Vibe:

Opening Your Third Eye to Channel Your Programs & Branding,

Selling by Sensation,

and Creating Your Online Empire that Attracts in Returning Customers Over & Over



Activate Your Marketing & Offers to Build Your Empire and Sell out Offers with Ease

Create Magnetic, Authentic Branding.



Ascending to New Levels in Business & Wealth

Transcend from 3D into 5D Thinking. Embody the Next Level Business Owner. Learn the Importance of Compounded Aligned Moves.



Your Investment

normally $1,111 in full the investment has changed to $888 in full only until the end of January, 2023.

The Activated Entrepreneur

$555 /2 monthly payments
  • Full Program Access
  • Access to recordings of trainings

The Activate Entrepreneur
Save the most $$$
by investing in full

$888 in full
  • Full program access (6 trainings, 8+ hours)
  • Lifetime access to material


There are no guarantees. What we know from previous experience is that this work works if you work it. To get the most out of this program, show up 110% and give it your all. Don’t hold back. Step into your next level of power right here right now by committing to show up FULLY for this... And you might be shocked at the person you become in 6 weeks.