Selling is a sacred act of giving your soul gifts to the world

Freedom. Expansion. Ascension.

Your magic = their medicine.

Your people need you. Turn your light on.


Sales from Soul

Hi, I'm Bri

Psychic Business & Life Coach. Feminine Energy, Abundance and Pleasure Activator. Vessel for Spirit. Breaker of molds. Power Revealer. If you hang around me long enough, you just might start believing in yourself more than ever, activating your power on a deeper level than ever before, & manifesting everything your heart has desired with more ease and flow than ever before.

...and have more orgasms, money & fun while you're at it. 😉

I'm so excited you are here.

Selling is a sacred act of giving your soul gifts to the world


When you’re deeply connected to your soul’s purpose, every offer you create is an extension of that

Every word, every offer, every container… are all parts of you gifting your medicine to the world

Those offers that come straight from soul are divinely gifted to you because ether are already humans who are needing your work in their lives

Your magic =

their medicine

Your work satisfies THIER desires that have been brewing

And they happily pay you for that magic

If you’re a coach or a teacher, often your work is necessary for others to ascend to their next level

If you're a photographer, real estate agent, professional, etc., often your work is the answer to your aligned clients prayers

As much as you’re desiring those clients, those clients are desiring YOU, and wanting to manifest YOU

I once had a high level VIP 1:1 client say to me “you are the coach I have been praying for” and I think that beautifully sums up what attracting in soul- aligned clients, and being deeply embodied in your soul mission, results in.

But if we step outside of soul, and we start selling for other reasons than the expression and expansion of our soul, selling starts to feel icky and difficult

It creates physical pain in your body

You start chasing dollars and clients

You find yourself convincing people to buy from you

You feel like selling offers is icky, difficult and slow

You make it mean that you’re not worthy or receiving money, you’re not good enough to sell what you’re selling, and you constantly look for your customers to get results to make you feel like you’re good at what you do (a little codependent leak)

Selling can feel like ecstasy as you unravel your soul gifts to the world and experience them healing and rising up so many people...

...or it can feel like a battle between you & your mind, anxious, overwhelmed, hyper focused on time and doubting your worth.

In this channeled program Sales from Soul,

I invite you step into a the paradigm of love, expression, alignment and abundance with sales..

One where pleasure and fun lead the way

And your magic is magic to your aligned customers

And selling out low or high ticket offers feels so so juicy and easy


Sales From Soul

is for you if...

Deep down you battle with fears of being seen, wondering if they will cancel you, judge you, or disagree with you

If you do share your offer, you feel guilty or pushy, like you’re convincing them to buy, and sales dwindle…

You're finding yourself chasing sales or money and it feels icky and tight

You have the continue loop of “no one cares what I have to say. No ones listening anyway” running through your mind whenever you’re marketing and selling

You're overthinking your offers, constantly wondering if you should add more to it or remove parts

You desire to sell higher ticket packages but get all in your head about when you do

You keep doubting if people can afford to work with you

You’re undercharging to keep clients onboard

You want to charge more but you’re terrified people won't sign up or they will leave

You may want to transition your business but are afraid of how it will be received 

You want to understand the frequency of a 6 figure biz versus multi 6 figure frequency 

You feel like your audience isn’t big enough to have customers or scale

People are inquiring to work with you  but not actually signing up and paying

Attracting clients still feels hard and icky

Putting your prices up publicly, or speaking them on a call, makes you nauseated

if no one buys in the first few hours or days, you start thinking it was a mistake, somethings wrong with the offer.. or you… or your vibe… or your entire business… and everythingisgoingtofallapartandthisistheend!

You desire to understand buyer psychology 

You’d like to create a variety of offers for multiple points of entry for your customers 

You desire to structure your business to scale and have high client retention with clients you adore

Despite your best efforts, imposter syndrome still lingers, and you doubt that people will buy from you

You want to know both the strategy of a business where sales flow in AND the frequency of a business where clients flow in 

this is not for you if...

You are looking for a sales strategy or funnel to magically “fix” your business

You're unwilling to show up in the program and give it your all

You're not in this from a heart-centered place.

Selling is a sacred process

You’re opening up a divine container to help someone evolve and transform to their next level

Why is it, then, that so many heart-centered, soul-led business owners feel icky and tight when asking for money in exchange for their offer?

It has to do with many things...

Imposter syndrome

Not fully dropped in coding around abundance

Feeling unworthy of being paid

Feeling guilty receiving money from clients

Feeling unworthy of being paid

Feeling guilty receiving money from clients

The list goes on...

But what if you dropped in new coding?

What if you knew that your magic was your ideal clients medicine?

That it was the exact thing they have beens searching for, and if they could only find you and see you, they would sign up and pay you in a heartbeat?


But right now - they cant see you
Your light is off

Its dimmed under the shadow of “what if i’m not good enough?” or “what if they can’t afford it?” or “what if they dont get perfect results?” 

When youre marinating in those thoughts, its as if your light is shut off

Despite your ideal clients best efforts, they cant find you - you’re not energetically available to be found


You become a wide open receiver for clients, sales and income when you turn your light back on

When you're so solid in how amazing your offer is, you know it's the medicine, you’re being guided each step of your launch by source and spirit, and you fully expect to be happily paid.

In fact, you know that your people happily pay you and pay you in JOY because they love and adore your work so much

How much more ease and flow would that bring into your business?

Of course people want to pay you

Of course your launch sells out

Of course you have people in your DMs asking “how can I work with you?”


It’s time to release the wobbliness around accepting money, selling your offers, and being compensated for it.


Its time to release the limiting lie of a belief that attracting clients and making sales is hard.


You get to be the feminine, leaned back receiver of clients and money, and babe, it gets to feel pretty easy and flowy

In this brand new program, Sales from Soul, I’ll not only be teaching you the psychology of sales and how to magnetize your clients, but you’ll also learn...

Sales From Soul-3
What You'll Learn Inside Sales from Soul

To embody the most expressed, powerful version of yourself. (Hint: she already exists inside of you. We’re just going to activate her. 😉


How to navigate the sticky moments of launching, when you’re inevitable triggered or in doubt that its working (PS being triggered during a launch is an opportunity to alchemize and rise higher in your frequency - its a GOOD thing!)


You’ll learn both the energetic and the strategy and structure of selling with ease, flow and magnetism


Creating a buy-ready audience by cultivating trust and rapport, positioning yourself as an expert in your field (yes, YOU ARE!)


Crafting your unique and juicy offers from start to finish - from channeled ideas to creating a yummy sales page to deciding on the prices & investments. 


Selling low, mid and high ticket ($10k+) offers (and the art, importance and role of each)


When writing sales pages (AKA portals that activate buys through intentional, artful, feeling-evoking expression)


How to activate people to buy through the feeling you evoke in them (this is the KEY to selling)


How to be in ‘receiving energy’ & keep your availability to receive sales/money/income at any moment (not just when you’re selling)


How to lead yourself energetically and mentally behind the scenes to stay open to expect sales.. over and over.. and over…


How to navigate sales conversations feeling confident and clean, easily expecting people to buy, and releasing those who aren’t ready, not dropping out of receiving energy


Creating a structure in your offers that invites clients to buy again again


How to create high silent retention (both the structure of your business matters AND most importantly your integrity, over delivery and devotion)


The art of leaning in AND leaning back during launches, harmonizing your masculine and feminine energy


How to shift when people are inquiring but not signing up and paying you so they drop in faster (AKA collapse time)


How to energetically feel your customers in the 5D and manifest them into the 3D


Getting behind your worth and the investment you truly want to change (not what you think people will pay)


How to get out of your head and back into your power when someone says “no” or “not right now” and not unplug from alignment afterward


Letting go of codependency with clients - AKA needing THEM to get a certain result in order for YOU to feel like a good coach/business owner  


How to create a streamlined path of purchase for customers so they naturally come into other offers

Sales from Soul teaches you how feel so damn good about selling and allow $$ and customers to flow into your business with ease


Ready to sell with ease & flow?

Come with us, let me show you how.

Sales from Soul begins on 2/17/22 at 1pm CST

welcome to

Sales from Soul

How does it work?

You have group access to 5 live modules, and a Facebook group for support.

Lifetime access to the material

This program is designed to be open for 3 weeks long, with 5 LIVE modules.

. Replays of the live teaching will be available and just as powerful.

There will always be Q&A and support available inside the facebook group as well as during the live videos.


Live Training Schedule

Thursday 2/17/22 1pm CST
Tuesday 2/22/22 1pm CST
Thursday 2/24/22 1pm CST
Tuesday 3/1/22 1pm CST
Thursday 3/3/22 1pm CST

In the 5 module, 4 week potent live course you will learn to

🔐 drop the icky, guilty, manipulative, convincing vibe that makes you resist selling at all...

🔐  & master the energetic of selling with ease and drawing in soul-aligned clients

🔐 how to structure a launch to release an offer

🔐  how to sell high ticket vs. low ticket offers

🔐  structuring your offers to have multiple points of entry to allow for increased sales

🔐 payment stacking strategy to create recurring predictable income

🔐  how to energetically hold the vibe of sold out launches to manifest that

🔐  how to shift when you feel fear, doubt and uncertainty creep in during a launch

🔐  creating offers from a place of soul, service + love (the absolute key to ease with sales)

🔐  drop the codependency with clients (AKA needing THEM to get a results in order for YOU to feel like a good coach)

🔐  how to use every “no” as a springboard into attracting hell yes clients

🔐  how to shift into success when you have lots of people inquiring but no one signing up

🔐  receive customers in the 5D first that manifest into the 3D (AKA sales rolling in!)


Manifestation is the practice of aligning yourself energetically with whatever it is you desire - whether it’s linking up with your soulmate, reaching an income goal, upleveling your lifestyle to include travel and financial freedom or simply waking up happy every day. As you begin to mentally accept what you desire and match the frequency of that, you will begin to attract it into your life and thus manifest it. Creating a life you love is really very simple - manifesting anything that you want is all about energy.

Please email me through the contact form! I currently offer Manifestation Transformation, or Business Manifestation Intensive program. The mastermind do not include 1:1 private coaching with me, only the 1:1 programs do, unless otherwise noted. You can also upgrade this program to add VIP coaching! 

None. There are no guaranteed results. This work works if you work it.

No, you won’t find Harry Potter hocus pocus in the Law of Attraction. But some days it sure feels like it. We are all using the law of attraction daily whether we know it or not. It works like the law of gravity works - whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re attracting into your life every circumstance - body, money, relationships, and home. When you begin to deliberately use the law of attraction, that's when you can shift to intentionally calling in what you want into your life. There are no magic potions or spells here, just simply shifting your energy to call in whatever it is you desire into your life.

Because this is intellectual property, all sales are final and nonrefundable. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please email Bri personally

Your Investment



There are no guarantees. What we know from previous experience is that this work works if you work it. To get the most out of this program, show up 110% and give it your all. Don’t hold back. Step into your next level of power right here right now by committing to show up FULLY for this... And you might be shocked at the person you become in 6 weeks.