You DESERVE everything

you’ve ever wanted.

 And I’m here to help you get it.

Bri Mosher

The Manifestation Membership

will transform you into a

master manifestor

& teach you to truly embrace the art of manifesting anything you want in life.

From a soulful, dreamy relationship, to vital health and energy, to a plentiful and growing bank account, to fulfilling happiness. Nothing is too good for you babe.

Founder Brianna Mosher offers women a warm, inviting and super fun approach to manifestation. No need to be so serious (and in fact, the more fun you have, the faster the manifestations materialize!)

So what do you actually want from life?

Like what do you REALLY want?

To feel healthy and bursting with energy? More money than you know what to do with? A relationship you feel at home in, adored, loved? Exquisite happiness?

You can have it all.

But how?

The Manifestation Membership is designed to give you ongoing support (like a manifestation BFF) for the four Major Manifestation Sticking Points:


It’s the magic combination of these four essential ingredients that lead you to living the life of your dreams, whether that means being snuggled on the couch watching Netflix with the love of your life or sipping champagne from a yacht in Monaco. 

It’s yours! Go get it. 

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Stop playing it small and safe. Go big, go wild and grab this magnificent life with both hands.

Hi, I'm Bri

I’m a Manifestation Coach (or queen, as my clients like to say 😉 ), 6 figure Entrepreneur and your personal positivity booster.

I have a BA in Psychology, I’m a former champion bikini competitor, nutrition expert and mindset master.

I don’t want to toot my own horn (actually I kind of do!) but this life I’ve created is kinda freakin’ great. I wake up every day living the life I once journaled about, prayed for, wished upon.


Everyday I get to teach my clients how to smash their mind blocks and trim away their sharp, negative edges to make room for the ultimate transformation.

Even saying that to you still feels hard to believe.

Because it wasn’t that long ago that I was keeping myself awake at night, wondering what I was missing, how my life had gotten so low.

I had always lusted over a life of financial freedom, a relationship with love like the movies and yet just a year ago, there I was, alone, feeling desperate for answers, and stuck.

Stuck in repetitive thinking about how much better my life would be if I lost weight/met the man of my dreams/won the lottery.

So I waited. And waited.

Guess what?

None of that happened.

Until I found finally tapped into my manifestational powers that I (and you) have had all along.

The turning point that changed my life forever was early in September of 2018. I’d just graduated college with high hopes of starting my own business as a nutrition coach online. I was living with a long term boyfriend, stoked about the future, and full of the best intentions.

And then, very abruptly, I split up with my boyfriend of four years.

...and meekly stumbled back home to move in with my parents.

Bri Mosher

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it was while I was nursing a heart break, swallowing my pride, and sleeping in my parent’s unfinished basement that my $600/mth student loan payments kicked in.

As a brand new entrepreneur and coach, hell bent on succeeding in business, refusing to give to and write a resume for an employer, I was terrified. And at square one in my business. AKA, I was broke.

That was my rock bottom moment.

I couldn’t even afford to move out of my parents' home, let alone start paying off my debt.

Suddenly the life I’d intended to to enter with high hopes was now full of lonely, anxiety-filled nights tossing and turning wondering WTF I was going to do.

And in the moment, I humbled myself and called my father, who had taught my about the Law of Attraction since I was a little girl. He guided me back into my power. And shifted everything for me.


I began to tell a new story about my life/my finances.

What was available for me in relationships. Little by little, I began to believe in possibility again. And those possibilities turned into realities very, very quickly. I started feeling lighter, happier and more joy-filled.

My income grew, and grew, and grew...

I began to sign on more clients and just a month later, I met the most amazing man whose nothing short of fairy tale knight in shining armour.

It didn’t happen by accident. It wasn’t “getting lucky”. It wasn’t random. It was strategy. It was me learning of and fully stepping into my power and becoming  a magnet for abundance.

And I can show you how to do it all for yourself, if you want.

Of course you do!

welcome to

the Manifestation Membership!

bm - manifest

This monthly membership program will give you all the resources, support, back pats, celebratory twerk sessions and high fives you need to become a manifestation maven. Cause at the core of manifestation, it’s about intention, discipline and fun.

What's inside?

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Video Trainings

Exclusive tutorials that will take you through the essential stages of manifestation. Calling your ideal relationship, attracting in the moo-lah, rewiring limiting beliefs, the Science of Law of Attraction and how to reprogram your brain.

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Exclusive Meditations

Using the power of surrender and stillness, these trainings will help you to harness and attract abundance, love, success and serenity into your life.

BM – Manifestation Icons V01-03

Exclusive Background Recordings

These are designed to be played throughout the course of your day. They’re loaded with affirmations and are designed to speed up the process of rewiring your subconscious.

BM – Manifestation Icons V01-04

Exclusive affirmations

These will become a focal point in your manifestation journey. A peak point to refer to whenever you need bring yourself back to basics.

BM – Manifestation Icons V01-05

Support Group Access

Access to the Manifestation facebook group where you can receive my support and the community of others who are as stoked about spirituality and manifestation as you are.

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Exclusive audio recordings

Deep diving into neuroscience, spirituality, well-being, money manifestation, relationship up-leveling and all that other lovely stuff you’re craving.


Bri helped me to change my life in ways I couldn’t foresee. Things that I used to dream about and hope for are now IN my life. They are my reality. What you don’t realize before working with Bri so I will tell you as someone that is she is going to open your eyes and soul.



If you’re feeling stuck and you need some hasty un-sticking, the Manifestation Membership is for you.

Just $197 per month 


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The Manifestation Membership

$197 per month
  • Video Trainings
  • Meditations
  • Background Recordings
  • Affirmations
  • Audio recordings
  • Support Group Access
  • Monthly Live Training


There are no guarantees. What we know from previous experience is that this work works if you work it. To get the most out of this program, show up 110% and give this your all. Don’t hold back. Step into your next level of power right here right now by committing to show up FULLY for this... And you might be shocked at the person you become.