The Art of Allowing Abundance and Manifesting Money



What is it?

8 week immersive and transformative group program to become a magnet for abundance and

wealth and heal your money mindset.

Raise Your Vibe towards Money


This is The Art of Allowing Abundance & Manifesting Abundance


Everything I have learned to grow my business from $883 months


to CONSISTANT 5 figure months


to a 6 figure business in 11 months


Held in a Facebook group with all the other clients,

Each week I’ll go live and teach a module that lasts about 60-90 mins,

You have unlimited Q&A during the modules of course!

Lifetime access to course materials


We will also have 3 live BONUS coaching zoom calls as a group complete with hot seat coaching! During the week you also have unlimited support in the group to celebrate, ask questions & connect with the group!


We begin May 11th.

People have already claimed their spots


Are you in?

"Before this program, the thought of money made me physically ill. It was something that ran my entire life. I constantly worried about if I had enough, if I would EVER have enough, if I was going to be able to afford the life I wanted in the future....this was something that literally made me feel sick to my stomach. I thought obsessing over money, having 3-4 jobs where I busted my ass for very little pay, and saving everything I could was the ONLY way to ever reach wealth and abundance.


Bri taught me another way to live my life. She helped me heal all of these beliefs that were extremely unhealthy and were causing so much misery in my life for no reason.

Since this course, I was taught how to manage/budget my money. How to spend money and not feel guilty about it. I was introduced to an entirely different mindset that set me FREE. I have since opened my own business with such ease, I have learned to organize my money in a way that makes me feel rich as fuck, and I have learned that I am a worthy human who is destined to be wealthy. I now walk through life knowing that we are all meant to receive everything we divinely desire."

Are you going to join us?

you can join The Art of Allowing Abundance & Manifesting Money And have vip access!

VIP access includes....

1:1 Voxer access with Bri (voice and text meassages )Monday-Friday

Ask your questions in a one on one setting for a higher level of success

For VIP there is a pay in full option and a 2 part payment plan option as well.


"I had begun doing some work on my money mindset on my own, and knew I needed to take it to the next level. I took this course and it completely blew my mind. I never knew I had so many limiting beliefs regarding money, until I took this course. Bri offers a thorough and thoughtful step by step guide to reset your limiting beliefs, how to manage your money in a soul-aligned way, and taught me about my capabilities as a conscious creator of my financial circumstances. Two months after taking this course, I have doubled my income, feel super confident about how I spend my money, and am more excited than ever to grow my businesses. I think the best part is, I can rewatch the modules anytime I want to refresh my new skills! Thank you Bri for the fantastic course!"

Tell me more!
What's inside the program?

Week 1:
Manifestation Vibes: the Foundation of Manifestation & Learning to Radiate What You Desire

Week 2:
Money is Hella Spiritual. Abundance is The One and Only Reality...

We Create the Limitations to it

Week 3:
Manifesting MORE Money in LESS time: The Art of Collapsing Time
(plus: how to use gratitude to multiply your money)
And, what is receiving energy?

Week 4:
Empowered Money Management + Spending in Alignment

Week 5:
The Feminine Flow of Money and The Masculine Action of Manifesting
(How to know when to act + when to lean back)

Week 6:
Let’s talk about Debt, Baby: Clearing the Energetic Charge around Debt

What debt really means and how to tap into overflow to eliminate it

Week 7:
Become a Wide Open Channel for Abundance by Following Your Divine Purpose

Week 8:
How to Radiate Overflow and Become an Abundance Magnet

Is this course for me? 

This is for you if.....

you are determined to take their power back financially
you want to learn the laws of abundance and implement them into their own life
are ready to heal their money mindset and the limiting beliefs that “money is hard to come by” and, my personal favorite, “you have to work HARD to make money”
Has maybe heard of law of attraction and manifestation but wants deep dive it
you want to create a reality where they can have, do and be anything they wish
desires to master the skills of deliberately manifesting their lives
through the lens of creating wealth


Who isn’t willing to stay in the disempowered, low vibe state right now
you want to be in an 8 week immersive and uplifting container for their money vibes
And is determined to use this time to level up + transform


This is not for you if...

Its not for you if you think you’re going to come in and half ass it
or you are planning to do some of the work assigned but not all of it
or if you think this will be magic + *boom* all your problems will be fixed without you taking action


I pride myself on the community I create in my programs
I always call in heart-centered, determined, ambitious, spiritual (or starting to become that) people


Are you one of them?

Become the magnetic manifestor you were born to be