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Bri Mosher

Aligned, Abundant
and In Love.

This course teaches you the entire

process of manifestation.

Magnetize exactly what you want and draw it in to your life.

Become a clear channel to receive all the love and money that this universe has for you.

Step into your feminine power and confidence. Learn to bring that into your relationship, to attract in your ideal love and live happily in complete abundance.

Founder Brianna Mosher offers women an in-depth, all-in, beautifully joyful approach to manifestation.

Manifestation is the superpower

you forgot you had.

Let me guess… you’re ambitious, right?

And you want the most out of this spectacular ride we call life, right?

You know this course is for you. You’re halfway there - you just need a little guidance to lock in that beautiful, abundant and love filled life you know you deserve.

You can have all of that. I promise.

Here’s how.

Aligned, Abundant and In Love is designed for women like you. Women who have heard of the law of attraction or manifestation, but aren’t sure how to actually incorporate it into their lives.

You like your life but you want to LOVE your life.

That’s what Aligned Abundant and In Love is all about.

Want in?


Step out of the shadows and into the light.

Let’s turn this lovely life of yours into something truly magnificent.

Bri Mosher

Hi! I’m Brianna,

I’m a manifestation coach dream-life builder. I also like a good fairy that sits on your shoulder and whispers encouragement in your ear all day. Metaphorically speaking, of course. 

I have a BA in Psychology, I’m a former champion bikini competitor, nutrition expert and mindset master.

This isn’t a humble brag (I actually don’t like talking about myself that much!) but my life is great. It’s really, REALLY great. 

Everyday I am aligned with my goals. I love deeply and feel loved deeply. I spend my days doing fulfilling work that lights up my soul. And I have plenty of time for cuddles with my boys every night (boyfriend and French bulldog baby Ollie!). 

My life wasn’t always like this though. 

In fact, it was the exact opposite

I was in a cycle of negative thinking. I wanted more but I felt guilty wanting more and then the cycle would start again. I kept waiting (and waiting and waiting) for things to get better but they didn’t. 

Which isn’t really a surprise is it? I mean the definition of insanity is repeating the same behaviour but expecting different results.

So I changed my mind. And then, my results changed.

It was a couple of years ago when it happened. I’d been through a tough breakup of a long term relationship and I had to move back in with my parents.

Embarrassing right?

It was during this time that my student loans kicked in so I was broke and getting broker by the day.

It was then that my dad gave me some advice that would

change my life. 

He told me to come back to the truth I had known since I was a little girl, since he began to teach so many years ago: that I have the power to be, do or have anything I wish.

I won’t lie, it was not easy at first.

Looking at what my reality was (dwindling bank account, living with the parents & dog-momin’ it alone wasn’t very glamorous) and telling a new story was like swimming upstream at first.

Bri Mosher

But it didn’t take long for my energy and mindset to shift...

In just over a month,
everything changed.

My income grew…. I started feeling lighter, happier and more joy filled.
I began to date again and have fun.
My business expanded.

This wasn’t a random thing or some kind of karmic shift. 

I simply stepped into the power I’d had all along. 

The one you have, too.

Are you ready to join me?

Welcome to Aligned, Abundant and In Love

This course is for the woman who knows she’s meant for more but just feels out of sync in her life - in her career, relationships and personal development. 

Get back in alignment and master your mindset.

welcome to

aligned, abundant and in love ecourse

bm - aligned

What's inside?


Waking Up

Setting up a Manifestation Morning Routine, aligning with the energy of what you want and shifting your subconscious beliefs.


Alignment and Inspired Action

Harnessing your inner power to fuel your actions so you make decisions with purpose.


Money Manifestation Foundation

How to find the signs that you’re manifesting what you desire and how to multiply them.


True Alignment

Creating the foundations so you can call in your ideal relationship.


The Law of Command

How to shift those BIG limiting beliefs and create space for your new life of abundance.


What is Abundance?

Magnetizing abundance by spending, saving, and being in alignment with your finances.


Attracting Love & Leveling Up Your Relationship

How to open yourself to love and be loved.


Your Divine Purpose and Taking the Leap

What's the career path that's most fulfilling for you? Focusing on what it is you actually want and owning your magic.


Your Environment = Your Vibe

Making necessary changes in your environment to create the perfect landscape for your life of abundance.


Unf*cking Yourself

Getting out of your head and back into alignment with your desires. Daily tools to raise your frequency and help you bounce back fast in to higher vibrations.


Living in Alignment

Creating genuine connections and committing to a life lived through mindfulness.


The Money Manifestation Key

What are people saying?


Best of all, my relationship with my husband has blossomed. He began going down this path of manifestation with me after seeing how well I’ve been doing, and he’s happier more consistently than I’ve ever seen him.

The perfect relationship I thought we had was incredible, and now it feels so stable and secure that it’s surreal.

Katrina N., Aligned, Abundant and In Love ecourse Client

Grace's Testimonial 2 weeks into this course

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There are no guarantees. What we know from previous experience is that this work works if you work it. To get the most out of this program, show up 110% and give it your all. Don’t hold back. Step into your next level of power right here right now by committing to show up FULLY for this... And you might be shocked at the person you become in 12 weeks.