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The Simple Guide to Flexible Dieting

Your All-In-One Package for creating a body you love eating ALL the foods you love
  • Dieting myths busted. Are carbs bad? Should you eat at night time? Is dessert okay to have?
  • All the tools you need to find the energy intake and macronutrient profile that is best for YOU.
  • How you can become lean or gain muscle eating the foods you love - pizza, donuts, cake, etc. included!
  • How to make balanced food choices that support your goals.
  • The way to live a life free from restriction in your diet.
  • Why there is no such thing as a "good" or "bad" food. You really can have it all!
  • The skills you need to take charge of your progress independently and make adjustments in the future when your goals change. . Basically all the questions you’ve had about flexible dieting and how to start.... answered!

MAcro-friendly Recipes

Refuse to choose between your favorite dishes and your health and fitness goals. You'll find all the foods you love made macro-friendly right here. Be sure to use #BuildItBetter on social so I can see all your unique recreations (just keep the recipes themselves private, okay? Thank you!)
Breakfast Recipes
Protein pancake, protein waffles, egg burritos & more.
Ice Cream Recipes
Mocha coffee protein ice cream, peanut butter protein ice cream, blueberry sorbet & more.
Entree Recipes
Loaded pizzas, buffalo chicken dip, baked stuffed shells & more.
DesserT Recipes
Killer protein cookie dough, lemon cheesecake pizza, peanut butter milkshake & more.


Find the most macro-friendly options at all your favorite restaurants.
If it's at all possible to fit in, it's listed here! Having options is totally prioritized. 
The Restaurant Guide

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