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Feel like you’re on the brink of becoming a better version of you, but not sure where to start? The Macro Mentality emphasizes the key to changing any behavior that isn’t giving you the results you want: your mindset.

Once a month, you'll have the opportunity to tune in to a live inspiration-packed video with me & your fellow members for a Monthly Mindset Challenge!

You'll learn the reasoning behind powerful habits that propel you towards your ideal life - in health, happiness, love and success. You'll be given a challenge for the month to begin practicing, designed to help you turn up the heat on manifesting your goals.

Master Your Macros While
Eating Out

The Macro Mentality features an entire section, The Restaurant Guide, dedicated to making eating out at restaurants as easy as possible for you.

Simply click on the restaurant you’re headed to and see a list of all the most macro-friendly options at that place. Eating out is as easy and relaxing as it should be.

With your membership, you can save the time you’d spend analyzing menus and get back to enjoying the people you’re going out with.

Fitness, Health and Mindset

The Nutrition Hub, Fitness Hub and Mindset Hub each contain interviews, videos, and tools designed to level up your knowledge in that area.

What’s holding you back from losing the weight? What’s keeping you from confidently loving your body once and for all? What blocks are you carrying around about your abilities?

Start exploring resources on exposing limiting beliefs, goal-setting, meditation and so much more.

Your mind is the engine and your body is the vehicle. Learn how to enhance all three areas and cultivate a happy, confident and successful mindset that sends you zooming full-speed ahead into your health, fitness and life goals.

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