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start and stick to a workout routine

How to Start & Stick to a Workout Routine

I cannot count the number of times I've felt a wave of eagerness, a rush of "Yes, I know I can do this!" wash over me so strongly... just to fade within a day or two. The first hurdle of beginning, so I've heard, is the hardest part. In my experience, it's been easy for […]

Find out how to begin a workout routine TODAY that you actually stick to. This post outlines all the best strategies for success in your pursuit of a healthy goal.

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gym intimidation

6 Ways to Beat Gym Intimidation

You know that feeling. You're ready to make a change, get in shape, and start feeling good about yourself again. Maybe you've taken some baby steps on the journey to getting fit already, by going for hikes or talking walks at night and opting for the stairs over the elevator. You watch what you eat but […]

We have all been there.
You're ready to hit the gym and start creating the body of your dreams.
There is just one problem. Walking into that gym feels pretty scary.
Here is 6 ways to push through that feeling
and walk in that gym confidently.

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