Nuts ‘N More Peanut Butter Review

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High Protein Peanut Butter

Keeping it sweet and simple here. Nuts ‘n More has created a ton of fun, interesting flavors and made them really well… but they’ve also taken the traditional route and killed that, too! This traditional flavor is a signature Nuts ‘N More item. This is a great way to switch from normal peanut butter (which has higher fat content and half the protein) to a high protein butter.

Taste: 8/10. This is exactly what you would expect. It has the flavor of traditional peanut butter. One of my favorite things about Nuts ‘N More is that they do a great job of concealing the protein taste in their products. There is barely a hint of protein flavor in this – it’s 99% peanut butter flavor.

Flavor Accuracy: 10/10. Nothing more to be said. This is a traditional peanut butter flavor.

Texture: 9/10. As with most Nuts ‘N More flavors, this one is goopy, gooey and runny. It is a little smoother than other flavors, but still mimics a conventional peanut butter texture. You can expect some separation when the product is first opened. Be sure to mix it up well to achieve the perfect consistency.

Macros: 9/10. 10g fat, 11g carbs, 12g protein.

Quality: Peanuts, whey protein isolate, organic flax, natural sweetener (birch xylitol), natural extract. Simple, natural ingredients. 46mg of sodium per 2 tablespoons.

Price per jar: $11.99

Price per serving: $0.85

Buy it exactly where I do! High Protein Peanut Butter


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