Lenny & Larrys The Complete Cookie Snickerdoodle Review

This Lenny & Larrys The Complete Cookie Snickerdoodle Review will tell you all of the details on this product.

I didn’t have very high hopes for this flavor. I’m more of a chocolate and peanut butter kind gal. However, Lenny & Larry surprised me on this one. I’m now much more of a Snickerdoodle fan than I ever have been before. Read this Lenny & Larrys The Complete Cookie Snickerdoodle Review to find out if it’s worth buying. Find the specs on taste, texture, macros, quality, & price.

Complete Cookie

Taste: 9/10. For something considered a “healthy” cookie, this tastes pretty damn near the real thing. It’s very sweet, with a dominant cinnamon taste and (call me crazy) molasses flavor hints.

Texture: 10/10. The whole cookie is about a half inch think. It’s soft and dense when you first bite into it, and then chewy. The entire cookie is coated in a cinnamon sugar mixture which makes it just at tad bit sweeter. If you like snickerdoodles, this is a great alternative to those you find elsewhere which are loaded in carbs and fat. The 16g of protein here is a bonus – the cookie itself is just like the real thing!

Macros: 6/10. 6g of fat, 27g of carbs, 8g of protein for half the cookie (a serving size) or 12g of fat, 56g of carbs, and 16g of protein for the whole cookie.

Quality: Vegan, high protein, dairy free, no eggs, nonGMO, no soy, 3g of fiber per serving, no artificial ingredients and no sugar alcohols.

Price per cookie: $1.83 when purchased in a case (12 pack). They tend to run a bit more pricey when purchased individually.

Price per serving:  $0.83

Buy it exactly where I do! Complete Cookie


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