Icon Meals Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Power Popcorn Review

This Icon Meals Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Power Popcorn Review tells you everything you need to know about this product.

The hype about this product was unreal. I read posts saying how addictive this stuff is, and how some people can’t even keep it in there house anymore or else they will eat it all (totally okay if you have the macros for it – since the macros on this product are great)

Needless to say, I was more than excited to try this and see what all the raving reviews were so excited about it.

I was not disappointed. Read on to find out if Icon Meals Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Power Popcorn is worth buying. Find the specs on taste, texture, macros, quality, & price.


Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Protein Popcorn

Taste: Salty, sweet and chocolatey. Is there anything better? Dark chocolate and sea salt, in general, is such a great combo, but the crunch from the popcorn amplified it. The chocolate coating is the perfect sweetness to the salty popcorn. Underneath, the popcorn is more of a kettle-like popcorn which emphasizes the sweet flavor. I am so addicted to this stuff!

Flavor Accuracy: On point. The chocolate is not as bitter as typical dark chocolate, however, it’s much closer to the taste of milk chocolate.

Texture: Crunchy!

Macros: For 60g: 3g fat. 21.5g carbs, 10g protein.

Quality: Low sodium at 63mg per serving – less than most traditional popcorn. 15g sugar per serving. 1g fiber. 2g saturated fat.

Price per bag: $9.99

Price per serving: $2.49

Buy it exactly where I do! Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Power Popcorn


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