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How much does it cost to become a part of The Macro Mentality community?
A monthly membership to The Macro Mentality is $13.25
What 'cha got for a secret sale?!
You've come to the right place. To lock in at $10 per month instead of the normal $13.25, I just want to get to know you better! Simply send an email to Bri@TheDietDoc.com answering these 3 questions.
1. What are you hoping to get out of your Macro Mentality membership?
2. What are your current wellness/health/fitness/mindset goals?
3. How can I personally help you achieve them?

That's it! Send me those answers and I'll send you the discount code to lock in your rate at $10.
When will I be charged again after the first payment?
On the same day that you paid originally, but next month. 
Ex: if you joined on March 15th, you would be charged once on March 15th. The next charge would be April 15th.
Is there any obligation to keep my membership once I sign up?
Nope! You can cancel anytime. Just know that if you do cancel, you are forfeiting any discount code you had prior. If you decide to join again, you'll be in at the current rate. 
I want to share these recipes! Is that okay?
I love that you are enjoying the recipes, but please keep the recipes themselves secret to respect the membership. These are exclusive recipes for members (like yourself!) only, so sharing the recipes themselves is a no-no. What good is your membership if the exclusive content is shared freely online and on social? Keep the value of your membership by sharing pictures of your recreations but keeping the recipes top secret & refering your friends to join you as a member!

I love to see pictures of your recreations on social with the hashtag #builditbetter to show off how you build your favorite foods better. Be sure to tag me @buildingbri when you do!
I want to work with you! What are my options?
Great! I offer 2 one-on-one options.
Nutrition Coaching in 3, 6 or 12 month packages or 
The 90-day Macro & Mindset Transformation Program -- find out more about those via the links!
What comes in a Macro Mentality Membership?
  • The Macro Mentality is a fitness, health & personal development community.
  • Members have access to the ever-growing...
  • 60+ fun macro-friendly recipes (growing every week!)
  • Access to the giant Restaurant Guide, where you can find all the most macro-friendly options at any chain.
  • A live information-packed webinar with a Monthly Mindset Challenge.
  • Perspective-shifting articles & resources designed to level up your mindset with powerful changes in your psychology.
  • Exclusive video interviews with experts in the nutrition, fitness and psychology fields.
  • Nutrition and fitness resources and articles.
  • A supportive and like-minded community and forums to connect with everyone, ask any questions, and feel a part of an amazing group!
  • ...and new & fresh content added every single week!
  • Being a member of The Macro Mentality connects you with others who are just excited about reaching their goals & growing personally - while eating all the foods they love in the process & learning as much as they can.
  • Resources, interviews and recipes grow every single week! 

For Macro Mentality Membership inquiries or Nutrition and Mindset coaching: bri@thedietdoc.com
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