When it all began...

My personal fitness journey began as an adolescent. I did not enjoy sports or excel in them during these formative years, and thus believed for a long time that I was not capable of doing well in athletics. That was until I met with my first personal trainer in effort to become healthier and build my body... and Iimmediately fell in love with the weights.

It didn’t take long for that limiting belief to shatter and I found myself prepping for a bikini competition as a sophomore in college.

After the first show, I was hooked. I have since competed in five NPC shows in the bikini division, taking home 3  first-place titles and all top 5 placings.

I am so grateful for my time thus far as an athlete in the fitness industry because it taught me an immense amount about physiology, nutrition, and exercise. I immediately noticed the gap: most people do not understand just how simple and concrete it really is to change their bodies.

All of the fallacies about weight loss and misinformation about nutrition motivated me to share with the world how manageable and clear achieving physique goals are.

I joined forces with The Diet Doc team to further increase my nutritional background and help others take charge of their bodies. I believe that, like myself, anyone can overcome limiting beliefs about their bodies, fitness levels, and health. I strive to transform my clients’ lives by incorporating nutrition with mindset techniques, mental health, and a strong emphasis on balance.

I believe that your diet should fit your lifestyle, not the other way around!

My passion for psychology began as a kid, when my dad introduced me to personal development books. I couldn't get my hands on them fast enough. By the time I'd entered college, I'd pursued and studied all the best personal development books and dove into applying their principles.

All of the success I've had thus far can be attributed to the way I've learned to refine my mindset, to set intentions, to believe in myself. And now I've made it part of my mission to share all of these techniques that have brought me so much success & love, to create healthy habits, and helped cultivate a powerful positive mindset. When you become a member of The Macro Mentality, you'll have access to all these resources with my personal touch on them. I can't wait for you to see!

It's good to finally meet you.

Hi there! My name is Bri, and I'm so glad you found me. I am the creator and founder of The Macro Mentality, and a Nutrition and Mindset Coach with a Bachelor's in Psychology.

When I'm not coaching clients, trying new recipes or researching for content, you can find me in the gym building my physique for my next competitive show, playing with my French Bulldog puppy, or sampling all the flavors in the ice cream aisle. 
I am a music-obsessed gym junkie who eats way too much peanut butter & can't get enough of being with family. I've got a soft spot for buffalo chicken pizza and birthdays - mine, yours, your mom's... what can I say? I like to celebrate.
I am so excited to connect with you and get to know! If there is any way I can add more value to your membership, or if you feel particularly moved by a piece, or really enjoy a macro-friendly recipe, please reach out to me directly. I'd love to hear from you! 
Inquire directly for coaching openings or just to say hi!
The Simple Guide to Flexible Dieting eBook
I’ve written The Simple Guide to Flexible Dieting with the intention of decluttering all the science-y stuff and making it as simple as possible so that you can read it in an hour (two, tops) and start tracking macros with targeted macros today. It even comes complete with a worksheet to help you figure out your macros AND a few diagrams to make the process even more simple.
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Together we will create a plan that is 100% individualized and tailored to fit your goals - whether that's increasing energy, burning off fat, gaining strength, or simply developing a healthier mindset around food. The best part? It's always flexible to suit your needs and life changes. And it works.
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